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"Mission doesn't matter. Never has. I say yes to a job, I complete it. This job, I don't care who I kill or why. All I care about is getting time off my sentence. Extra days to be with my daughter again."

Zoe Lawton is the daughter of Floyd Lawton.


Early life[]

SFotSS Zoe Lawton

A young Zoe Lawton.

Zoe was born in 2004 to Floyd Lawton and an unidentified woman in Gotham City, New Jersey.[1] In 2006, Lawton became more attentive to his daughter, causing him to change his self-destructive ways and become more cautious as a result. Lawton noticed that she and her mom were living in a neighborhood with heavy criminal activity.

Lawton thus offered a significant amount of money to Zoe's mother to give them a chance living in a better home elsewhere. Zoe's mother ended up squandering the money on alcohol, forcing Lawton to forcibly remove most criminal elements from the neighborhood to ensure Zoe's safety and wellbeing.[2]

Father's apprehension by Batman[]

Batman glides down to capture Floyd Lawton

Zoe and her father Floyd are ambushed by Batman.

"It's over, Deadshot. I don't want to do this in front of your daughter."
Batman to Zoe's father[src]

At the age of 11 years old, Zoe was known to have become an honor student at her school. While shopping with her father in December 2013, Zoe confronted him with the truth that her mother had informed her of him being a killer. While Floyd denied the accusation, Batman arrived to apprehend him. During the struggle, her father pulled a gun and prepared to shoot the Dark Knight, but Zoe stood directly between her father and Batman to stop the altercation from any further escalation, and to talk her father into surrender.

Ultimately, her attempt was successful as Floyd Lawton was handcuffed by Batman with no further resistance. As squad cars pulled up, and GCPD officers arrived on the scene to take Deadshot into custody, Zoe embraced her father one last time. While her father was imprisoned at the Belle Reve Federal Penitentiary in Louisiana, she wrote to him everyday. However, the letters were withheld from Floyd when they were delivered to him.[1]

First supervised visit[]

Deadshot with his daughter

Zoe with her father.

"I gotta go."
"Are you coming back?"
"Yeah, I'm working it out, alright? I promised my friends that I would just go without killing them all."
―Zoe and her father[src]

After her father killed the Enchantress with help from the other members of Task Force X and saved Midway City and the planet, Zoe received a supervised visit from her father and Rick Flag, as Floyd tutored Zoe with her math homework. When the supervision was over, Zoe asks her father if they would ever see each other again, to which her father replied that he would work on it.[1]


"Daddy, I know you do bad things. Don't worry. I still love you."
―Zoe to her father[src]

Zoe is aware of her father Deadshot's amoral actions, but she still loves and accepts him, even making marksmanship analogies while solving geometry problems in order to show her father support. Zoe is also quite smart and studious, as she is known for being an honors student.





Behind the Scenes[]

  • While Floyd Lawton's file at the start of the film states that he only learned the existence of his daughter in 2006, the digital tie-in comic Secret Files of the Suicide Squad shows that Floyd was actually present to witness his daughter's birth way before that year.
  • In the Suicide Squad novelization, Zoe is instead picked up by her mom after spending time with Floyd, with the book even emphasizing how Batman refrains from attacking Floyd immediately so as to prevent her from witnessing her father being apprehended.
  • Zack Snyder's initial plans for the second sequel to the Justice League film included the revelation that Zoe had been taken by the Parademons in the Knightmare future, which galvanized her father to help Batman and the remnants of the Justice League to attempt to travel back in time.[3]


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