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The Kingdom of Xebel is an underwater kingdom and one of the seven kingdoms that splintered off when Atlantis sunk into the ocean. It is led by King Nereus, father of Mera. It is considered a major military power, rivaled only by Atlantis.

It was the first kingdom to join Atlantis in the War for Atlantis, and after the war, the kingdom reunited with Atlantis along with many others.


Sinking of Atlantis

Becoming a Solo Kingdom

During a test with the Trident of Atlan, Atlantis sunk into the ocean. This caused Xebel to separate from Atlantis, and Xebel evolved greatly. It became a major military power, which was rivaled only by Atlantis.[1]

Rivaling Atlantis in a War

One time, Atlantis and Xebel got into an unknown war, and Nereus and his unknown wife fought in the war along with Xebel. While Nereus and his wife fought in the war, Queen Atlanna of Atlantis took their daughter Mera into Atlantis to train her.[2]

War for Atlantis

Reunion with Atlantis

Xebel soldiers riding seahorses

Xebel soldiers meeting Orm

King Nereus and the Kingdom of Xebel were the first to join Orm and Atlantis during the War for Atlantis, and another kingdom called the Fisherman Kingdom joined them. The three kingdoms tried to get the Kingdom of the Brine to join them by battling them, but the other kingdom denied joining them. The three kingdoms and Orm were defeated by Orm's half-brother Aquaman, Mera, and Karathen. After the war, Xebel was among the many kingdoms that reunited with Atlantis.[1]


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