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The Kingdom of Xebel is an underwater kingdom and one of the seven kingdoms of Atlantis that formed after the Great Fall. It is currently led by King Nereus, father of Mera. It is considered a major military power, and is Atlantis' biggest rival.

Xebel was the first to join Atlantis in the War for Atlantis, and after the war, the was reunited with Atlantis along with the other extant kingdoms.


Sinking of Atlantis

Becoming a Solo Kingdom

During a test with the Trident of Atlan, Atlantis sunk into the ocean. This caused Xebel to separate from Atlantis, and Xebel evolved greatly. It became a major military power, and was rivaled only by Atlantis.[1]

Rivaling Atlantis in a War

One time, Atlantis and Xebel got into an unknown war, and Nereus and his unknown wife fought in the war along with Xebel. While Nereus and his wife fought in the war, Queen Atlanna of Atlantis took their daughter Mera into Atlantis to train her.[2]

War for Atlantis

Joining King Orm

Xebel soldiers riding seahorses

Xebel soldiers meeting Orm

King Nereus was seemingly convinced to join King Orm of Atlantis to lead a war against the surface after the latter staged an attack from a Russian submarine during their meeting at the Council of Kings. As such, the Kingdom of Xebel was the first to join Orm during the War for Atlantis, and King Nereus stuck by his side as it progressed.

During Orm and Arthur Curry's Duel in the Ring of Fire, Nereus revealed to his daughter that he was actually not fooled by the fake submarine, and admitted to wanting to wage war against the surface regardless.

Reuniting with Atlantis

King Nereus and the forces of Xebel were present during the Battle of the Brine, and as such witnessed the arrival of Arthur Curry wielding Atlan's Trident and the closing of the war itself after Curry defeated Orm in battle. After the war, Xebel was among the many kingdoms that reunited with Atlantis.[1]


Like the other thriving Atlantean Kingdoms, Xebel appears to be a mighty military presence with its own proud history apart from Atlantis. While it has often allied with Atlantis, it has been suggested that they have been rivals throughout history.

Little is known about the finer details of Xebelian culture. However, they seem to favor using sea dragons as their choice of steeds, as evidenced by the delegation sent to the Council of Kings and the Battle of the Brine. Likewise, as evidenced by King Nereus' armor, his guard, and Princess Mera's main suit, they seem to favor a sea-green colors and dark gold over the bright blues, purples, silvers and golds of Atlantis.[1]

While subjects of the kingdom are referred to as Xebelian, Xebelians are physiographically the same as Atlanteans, having retained the appearance of humans but gaining the ability to breathe underwater.


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