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"You need to find a place to hide. They won't stop coming after you."
―Wonderous Serena to citizens[src]

Wonderous Serena is an alternate version of Serena Williams from somewhere across the multiverse, being native from a universe where she held the role of Wonder Woman.

During her activity as vigilante, she started a campaign against the Retrobots, until at some point she encountered her multiversal counterpart by touching a portal that teleported her to her reality. Meanwhile, Wonderous Serena would send to Serena Williams' universe, where she meet the superhero known as Wonder Woman, who would help her stop the Retrobots.


Defending her world

Wonderous Serena defends a shopping center.

Wonderous Serena defended a shopping center which was being attacked by Retrobots which were causing panic among the people who escaped from the place. After destroying several retrobots dodging their shots, a bigger Retrobot appeared who aimed at her, however, Wonderous managed to destroy it.[1]

At some point, Wonderous Serena started a campaign against Retrobots, making the population aware of the danger they could represent. Wonderous Serena posters on awareness were created.[2]

Traveling to Earth-1

Meeting Serena Williams

"Who are you?"
Serena Williams and Wonderous Serena[src]

Wonderous Serena meets Serena Williams.

When the retrobots appeared during Serena Williams' grand slam tournament and began their attack, a rift between worlds opened, bringing Serena face to face with Wonderous Serena, both asked who they were, however upon touching the portal, Serena Williams was teleported to her reality, while Wonderous would be sent to the land of her counterpart.[2]

Helping Wonder Woman

"Arresting innocent people is not justice. We need to find who did this and why."
"I couldn't agree more.
Wonder Woman and Wonderous Serena[src]

Wonderous Serena and Wonder Woman on action.

Wonderous would land in the stadium where Williams was, at which Wonder Woman arrived in an attempt to stop the attack caused by the retrobots, holding her Lasso on a retrobot, so Wonderous Serena would take the opportunity to return a shot to the retrobot, destroying it, so Wonder Woman would see her as someone very good. In that they would both introduce themselves, while fighting against the threat. Wonderous explained to Diana what the Retrobots were, telling her that they came from her universe.[2]

Wonderous Serena warning spectators to leave.

The situation would start to get worse when more retrobots arrived at the stadium, so Diana would be shocked and Serena warned some spectators to leave the place, while Wonderous explained that retrobots would arrest anyone they thought might commit a crime, which Diana considered it unfair. Then Wonder Woman proposed to find a way to return Wonderous Serena to her universe, so Serena agreed. They both tried to approach the portal from which they came, however a retrobot would shoot them and Wonderous would return the shot.[2]

Wonderous Serena and Diana infiltrating on S.T.A.R. Labs.

Seeing that they were too much and could not advance, the heroines decided to infiltrate on the S.T.A.R. Labs in search of some similar portal technology in the universe that would allow them to travel. Then, they would find a room under the name of retribution, so they entered. Wonderous reviewed some plans that appeared to be similar to the original prototype. Finally, they would find a sign from the S.T.A.R. Labs of their land, seeing the frequency, they would realize that they needed a burst of energy.[2]

Wonderous Serena tries to dodge a Retrobot shoot.

Wonder Woman would hear a retrobot approach, so she was in charge of destroying it with her lasso of truth, the retrobot would collide with a door although she was able to launch a shot, that shot would be returned by Wonderous Serena with her racket, but crashing erroneously above the ground, causing a close explosion to the heroines.[2]


Wonderous Serena is a very brave heroine who is not afraid of Retrobots, seeking to try to make people aware of the danger they represent, and helping all civilians who need it. She's also a very heroic person, helping Wonder Woman defend themself from the retrobots during her journey, explaining to her from the beginning where they came from in order to stop them.


  • Tennis Expert: In a similar way than her multiversal counterpart, Wonderous have a lot of skills to play tennis, she uses this ability to dodge and destroy the Retrobots.


  • Tennis racket: Wonderous Serena has a tennis racket that she uses to fight the Retrobots, when they attack people with their balls.
  • Armor: In the same way than Wonder Woman, Wonderous Serena wears a red armor body plate that bears a gold eagle-shaped breastplate, with a matching golden W-shaped belt.