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Wonder Woman 1984: The Junior Novel is a junior novelization of Wonder Woman 1984, and was released on July 7, 2020.[1]


Wonder Woman 1984 is set to hit theaters in fall 2020, from Warner Bros. Pictures, and will see the return of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, with Kristen Wiig joining the cast as friend turned foe Barbara Minerva, aka The Cheetah!

Wonder Woman 1984: The Junior Novel retells the action-packed adventure of the movie and features eight pages of color photos from the film!

An all-new chapter in the Wonder Woman story . . .

Diana Prince has been living quietly among mortals in the era of excess: the 1980s.

Though she’s come into her full powers, she maintains a low profile, curating ancient artifacts at the Smithsonian and performing heroic acts incognito. But now Diana will have to step directly into the spotlight and muster all her wisdom, strength, and courage to battle villains Max Lord and The Cheetah and save humankind from a world of its own making, proving she is a hero for our time, for all time, for everyone.

Differences from the movie[]

  • Diana loses the Amazon Games due to her inability to keep up with the adult Amazons in the novel, while the film shows her faring better, losing ultimately because she looks back at her opponents.
    • In the film she cheats to compensate for her failure, ending up in first place, but in the novel she ends the race in last place. In both cases she doesn't finish due to Antiope's interference.
  • The statue of Asteria in the center of the Amazonian coliseum is stone in the novel, while it's golden in the film.
  • Diana's history is explained more thoroughly in the novel, including her participation in World War II, which is not mentioned in the film.
  • Alistair Lord is not present in the novel, even though the novel contains scenes where he is present in the film.
  • Steve Trevor seems to be brought back from the dead in his own body in the novel, while the film shows him taking over another man's life in this other man's body.
  • Steve Trevor's F-111 Aardvark is inky black, almost invisible in the night sky in the novel, while Diana uses a divine shroud to actually make the film version invisible.
  • Barbara Minerva has a cat named Spot in the novel, while she doesn't appear to have a cat at all in the film.
  • Romulus disappears mysteriously from the world in the novel, while Diana mentions him being assassinated in the film. This is because The first king of Rome, Romulus, is known for mysteriously disappearing from the world in a whirlwind, while the last king of Rome, Romulus, was assassinated. As written, both the first and last kings of Rome possessed the Dreamstone at the time of their deaths.
  • The Dreamstone has an unspecified cost in the novel that is never truly explored, while the cost of the wishes is a central point of the film.
    • Diana does not lose her powers as the expense of her wish.
  • Barbara likens the Dreamstone to "a dream stone," but only the novel gives it the proper name: Dreamstone.
  • Max Lord does not have the ability to take what he wants from wishers in exchange for granting their wishes in the novel, while he does in the film. Instead, he tricks people into wishing on his behalf (which is also done to a slightly lesser degree in the film).
    • For example, Simon Stagg's wish is the same - for Black Gold Cooperative's oil wells to strike oil - but since this is mutually beneficial, there's no need for Lord to have Stagg removed from his path, which is what Lord takes from Stagg in the film.
    • It's unexplained why Said Bin Abydos's security detail transfers to Lord (which is what he takes in exchange for the wish in the film), but it's implied Abydos gave them willingly as thanks for granting his wish, while losing them was a major distress in the film.
  • The novel ends immediately after the White House scene.
    • Barbara Minerva never becomes the Cheetah (though she does gain the powers of Diana).
    • Max Lord gets away.
    • No wishes are renounced, including Diana's wish to bring back Steve Trevor. As such, Steve Trevor is alive at the end of the novel, while he isn't in the film.
    • The particle beam is never used, and so the world at large never learns of the wishes.





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