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This is the second Amazonian shield used by Wonder Woman, which seems to have magical Amazonian properties. The shield is used as an alternative to the Bracelets of Submission as a defensive weapon, protecting Wonder Woman from both ranged and melee attacks alike.

Diana's first shield, brought with her upon first entering the world of Men, had a starburst pattern. This shield was replaced sometime between 1918 and 2015, at which point she was using a different shield decorated with runes.


Wonder Woman using the second shield to repel Steppenwolf

By the fall of 2015, Diana replaced her first shield with a new one, which was first seen to be in use when she intervened in the fight against Doomsday. Like the previous shield, it appears to be virtually indestructible and capable of absorbing and discharging great amounts of energy without harm to its user, similar to her bracelets of submission.[1]

Diana continued to use this second shield through the War for Earth against the New God Steppenwolf.[2]


Much like the Bracelets of Submission as well as her first shield, Wonder Woman's second shield is virtually indestructible. Her first shield was able to withstand machine gun fire and deflect shells; while her second one is capable of deflecting even powerful and destructive thermal attacks from monsters such as Doomsday.

Due to its tremendous durability, it can also be used as an offensive weapon, as seen when Diana used it to momentarily knock the Kryptonian Doomsday down.[1]


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