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"Well, may we get what we want!"
"May we get what we need."
"But may we never get what we deserve."
Charlie, Steve Trevor and Sameer[src]

The Wonder Men[1] were a rogue group formed by Steve Trevor to thwart the sinister plans of General Ludendorff, Dr. Poison, and ultimately, Ares.

They participated in World War I for the Allied Powers, assisted by Etta Candy, Steve's secretary. While Steve perished, the team ultimately succeeded in their mission, which resulted in the end of the war.


World War I[]

Promising to take Diana Prince to the Western Front, Steve Trevor set about putting together a team to assist them. The team's purpose was to stop the plans of Dr. Poison, General Ludendorff, and Ares, and they succeeded and that resulted in the end of the war.[2]


After the end of the war, the British learned of the existence of a Mother Box buried in Belgium and asked Etta and the Wonder Men to recover it and deliver it to the Americans.[1] Afterwards, the various members of the Wonder Men died one by one, leaving only Diana as the last living member for a time.

In 1984, Steve Trevor was resurrected by the Dreamstone for a short period, assisting Diana in her mission to stop Max Lord in his campaign for power.[3] However, Steve soon ceased to live when Diana renounced her wish.