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"Forty years ago, God challenged me as he did Abraham. But I was too weak to listen. But not no more! I knew you was unclean when you were born! And even more so when you killed your brother. I knew when you listened to that devil music. I knew when you shaved your body like a woman. I knew when you slept with the whores of polluted blood! And men! And even more so when you conspired with the forces of Baphomet against the United States of America! And now, boy, I give your life to God!"
―White Dragon to Peacemaker[src]

August Ransom "Auggie" Smith, also known as the White Dragon, was the bigoted and cruel father of Keith Smith and Christopher Smith, the vigilante known as the Peacemaker. He was also the supervillain leader of a white supremacist organization known as the Aryan Empire. After Christopher accidentally killed Keith during a fight organized by Auggie, Smith felt a deep hatred for his son, always feeling disappointed in him, until Chris was arrested for his acts as a vigilante.

When Chris got out of prison and went to visit him, Auggie still hated him, until he was framed by his son being sent to the Evergreen Corrections Center. After presenting enough evidence to prove his innocence, Auggie went out to become White Dragon again and vengefully kill his son with the help of his supremacist empire. However, Smith would fail in the attempt being killed by Peacemaker, who managed to get rid of him but suffered subsequent trauma.


Early life

White Dragon campaign

"He's a white supremacist who used to dress up as a supervillain called the White Dragon."
Leota Adebayo to Christopher Smith[src]

During his early years, August Smith was the racist and supremacist leader of an organization known as the Aryan Empire. Smith, at some point also created an armor for his attacks and took on the mantle of the White Dragon, a supervillain that became known by the authorities and gained a reputation. Auggie had two sons, Keith and Christopher: Auggie openly favored Keith, while viewing Chris with nothing but scorn.[2][5][3]

Training his son

"He trained you to kill from when you were very young."
Emilia Harcourt to Christopher Smith[src]

Having been a soldier and due to his twisted views, Auggie started to train Chris from birth to become a powerful assassin and attempted to bring him under his racist views. Once during Christopher's youth, Auggie had tied up a man and forced Chris to kill him with a screwdriver. Despite not wanting to, Chris agreed to do it under his father's pressure, crying during the act while August watched satisfyingly.

Auggie was also known to host cockfights where he would pit his two children against each other and encouraged them not to pull any punches. One day, Chris-- egged on by Auggie-- unintentionally delivered a devastating blow to Keith which induced a fatal seizure, traumatizing Chris and increasing Auggie's resentment for him.[6][5][7][8]

Project Butterfly

Reunion with his son

"How did my fuckin' sperm grow into a nancy boy like you?"
―August Smith to Christopher Smith[src]

August and Chris go to see Eagly.

Chris was captured by A.R.G.U.S. in 2017 for acting as "Peacemaker", a delusional pacifist, and detained in Belle Reve, being sentenced to 30 years in prison. During this time, August took care of Chris' pet Eagly. After his son seemingly escaped prison, August was visited by Chris at his house. Auggie asked Chris why he didn't tell him when he got out of prison, with his son replying that it has been tough for him and he's been laid out in a hospital for five months after a guy shot him and a building fell on him during a mission, with August believing that it was pathetic that he let somebody shot him.

August and his son at the dinner table.

The two later had lunch together and Chris told August about Ratcatcher 2, who could control rats, and mocked Bloodsport for his musophobia, which made August laugh maniacally to the point where he almost chokes. August then asked if Bloodsport was the one who had shot him, to which Smith indirectly said yes, which disappointed him. After finishing their lunch, August let Chris enter his storage chamber where he explained most of the helmets' capabilities to Chris and gave him one as long as long as he could do something useful with them like kill a Jew or a Communist, a remark that made Chris very upset.[1]

Framed and arrested

August was later framed by Task Force X on the murder of Annie Sturphausen which involved his son. This was possible due to John Economos swapping out Chris' fingerprints in the crime scene to correlate with those of August to keep the police off Peacemaker's track while Leota Adebayo bribed two witnesses into lying when interrogated by the police about the event. August was then arrest by Detective Sophie Song and became an inmate on the Evergreen Corrections Center where he was instantly recognized as the White Dragon by various other fellow inmates, who kneeled before him and claimed their loyalty to him.[2]

August talks with his son in prison.

After finding out that his team arrested his father, Chris went to visit August at the Evergreen Corrections Center to come clean with him about the situation. After his son told him that he was involved on an investigation meant to stop aliens from invading the planet, August only used this information to threaten Chris by saying that he would expose Project Butterfly to the authorities in order to get free.[5]

Later that same day, Smith was having a conversation with his fellow inmates, whom were members of the Aryan Empire when a new inmate named Adrian Chase sat at their table. The new guy quickly started to mock August and his group for their racist views which started a fight between most of August's fellow inmates and Chase. After Chase beat them all, August claimed that he would not fight him as the cameras would make him look like the instigator. As the two were taken back to their cells, Chase told Smith that he was a bad dad, unfortunately this made August believe that his son was trying to kill him and asked to speak to Sophie Song immediately as he was dragged back to his cell by the guards.[5]

Return of the White Dragon

Released from prison

"I'm gonna do something I should have done a long time ago."
"What's that?"
"Kill my fucking son.
―August Smith and his thug[src]

Detective Song eventually went to see him and August told her that he was innocent, asking for them to take his prints and check them again. When asked who was the real perpetrator of the crime he was accused of, August revealed that it was his son. The Evergreen Police Department took his fingerprints and Detective Song asked for the prints to be sent directly to her. After seeing that the prints didn't match and that the witnesses were threatened in order to lie, Song realized that August was innocent and needed to be set free despite his dubious past.[3]

The White Dragon returns while surrounded by his supporters.

Despite Caspar Locke's attempts to keep August in prison, he was eventually released from the Evergreen Corrections Center by Sophie Song who was now set on to arrest his son. Outside of the correction center he was picked up by one of his thugs, who asked him what he would do now, to which August replied that he would finally go kill Chris. August returned to his house where he assembled various members of the Aryan Empire while he went to his Quantum unfolding storage area in order to get his White Dragon suit. His followers helped him put on his suit, with August assuming the identity of the White Dragon once again while the rest of his Aryan Empire saluted him.[7]

Hunting down his son

"What are you doing?"
"What I should've done long ago.
Peacemaker and the White Dragon[src]

The White Dragon tries to kill Peacemaker and Vigilante.

After he and his followers had everything ready, he activated the GPS tracking devices he put in each of Peacemaker's helmets, seeing that there two groups of helmets, one that stood still at the police station and another one that was far away from there, he realized that the latter ones were with Christopher and urged his followers to go get him. His Aryan Empire eventually caught up to Peacemaker, who was actually driving on a truck with Vigilante and John Economos.

The White Dragon after surviving the explosion.

August was informed of Peacemaker's location while he was flying through the air with his jet pack, which he later use to hit and knock over the truck in which his son was. He ripped the truck open and encountered his son along with Vigilante, after telling him that he was gonna kill him, August tried to blast the two heroes with his energy gauntlets but they quickly dodged his attack. Just as he was about to kill his son with another blast, he started to be gunned down by Vigilante, who got him out of the truck and kept shooting him in front of his followers. Vigilante then quickly threw a grenade at close range between himself and the White Dragon, which caused an explosion that blasted August to the ground. After he got up, he realized that Peacemaker and his team had already left but kept following the signal left by his helmet.[4]

Showdown and executed by his son

"Well go ahead and do it you fucking pussy. I knew you couldn't do it, you faggot. Cause I control you. Whether or not I kill you, you'll never be able to get the fuck away from m-"
―The White Dragon's final words[src]

The White Dragon is attacked by Peacemaker.

The White Dragon and his empire followed the signal left by the helmet but they later realized that Chris found out about the GPS device and tied the helmet to a racoon in order to trick them. However, they soon discovered another signal that came from a car Vigilante stole from them, as he didn't know about the GPS device and had a bunch of Peacemaker's helmets in the trunk of the car. His followers later found Peacemaker again, who reunited with Vigilante and was close to the car, and tried to capture him. Just as the White Dragon arrived, Eagly tried to attack him and defend Peacemaker, but August easily punched eagle aside, brutally knocking it.

August is shot in the head by his son.

This made Christopher tackle him in anger for hurting Eagly, with his son saying that he was gonna kill him before being blasted away by August, who put his foot on Chris' neck and told him about how he should have killed him a long time ago. After giving a speech to his group, the White Dragon was ready to kill Chris with his energy gauntlets before being stabbed by Vigilante, who used one of the gaps in his armor to damage it. August threw Vigilante away and tried to kill Chris again before realizing that his gauntlets stopped working. He was then brutally punished by his son who later pointed his gun at him. August taunted his son, saying that he couldn't and wouldn't kill him as he would never get away from him, but Chris indeed shot him in the head, finally killing August.[4]


In spite of his death, the memory of August continued to haunt Chris from beyond the grave, seemingly fulfilling August's final words. While attempting to finish the Project Butterfly mission, August's hallucinatory apparition appeared to Chris and taunted him for his weaknesses. This prompted his son to reach for his blowdart and in his mind, hit and kill the apparition of his father once again. Although his dart actually only hit a tree, the action allowed Emilia Harcourt to track down Chris' missing helmet nearby.

After the completion of the mission, the apparition appeared once more to Chris as he was silently celebrating at his house. Though Chris tried to look away, the apparition did not disappear. It silently stood a few meters from Chris and slowly formed a smile even as Chris continued to drink his beer.[9]


"Your dad is not a good man."
"He's still family.
Leota Adebayo and Peacemaker[src]

Auggie was described as "a strongly opinionated, vulgar, small-town racist who is powerful and cunning."[10] Auggie constantly insulted and talked down his own son, repeatedly pointing out that he doesn't care about Chris in the slightest and refused to support him in any way beyond letting him borrow equipment. Auggie is an open white supremacist, taking any chance to make racist remarks and insulted Sophie Song simply for being Asian. When letting Chris take a new Peacemaker helmet, Auggie casually commented he only let him use the helmet if it meant killing minorities.

Auggie was not only bigoted and cruel, but also selfish and cold-hearted. He refused to support Peacemaker's mission upon learning that they were the ones who framed him for murder and sent him to prison. Upon being released from prison, his first decision was to kill his own son. It is implied that Auggie was a ruthless murderer during his younger years as the White Dragon. Even morally corrupt people like Amanda Waller referred to Auggie as a terrible person. White Dragon's followers continued to worship him for years after his retirement and were quick to join him again when he decided to become the White Dragon once more.

Auggie's hatred of Chris esteemed from his own supremacist views, believing him to be "impure" simply for his personal tastes and life choices. His hatred was intensified by Chris' accidental murder of his brother Keith, who Auggie was more fond of. This reasoning for his hatred is also somewhat hypocritical and irrational, as Auggie was the one to pit his sons against each other in a fight. In his final moments. Auggie continued to taunt and badmouth his own son until Chris finally shot him, not believing that Chris would actually kill him. White Dragon's rant when he was about to kill Peacemaker implied he was religious, and that his religious beliefs further fueled his irrational hatred towards Chris.


"His father was a soldier who trained his son how to kill from the moment he was born."
Amanda Waller to Bloodsport[src]
  • Skilled soldier: Smith was a soldier who trained his son in weapons and hand-to-hand combat. Under his tutelage, his son would become a formidable vigilante.
  • Gifted intellect: Despite his antiquated views on race, Auggie Smith has displayed formidable intelligence that renders him a dangerous individual to be an enemy of.
    • Expert leader: Auggie Smith was the leader of the Aryan Empire and his leadership is great enough that not only has he earned the title, "White Dragon", but whilst in prison, other hardened inmates who were fellow white supremacists' immediately fell to their knees and saluted him, indicating the amount of respect he has cultivated over his time with the hate group.
    • Master engineer: Auggie Smith was an immensely talented engineer, capable of crafting creative and dangerous weapons and pieces of body armor with the Peacemaker Helmets and White Dragon suit being prime examples of his engineering prowess. Auggie Smith's engineering prowess is not limited to the mechanical however, he has also mastered such advanced levels of engineering that he was able to create the Quantum Unfolding Storage Area, harnessing the power of interdimensional physics.
  • Expert combatant: As a soldier, Smith was a highly skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant. He trained his son to become a skilled combatant as well.


  • Irrational hatred: Despite his intelligence, Auggie is a raging white supremacist. He harbors intense irrational hatred of anyone who isn't the same race, sex, or sexual orientation as him. He refused to talk to and frequently used racist dialogue while talking to Detective Sophie Song, ran the Aryan Empire, and included his son's romantic encounters with men in his monologue before he was going to murder him.







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  • The passcode for the quantum unfolding storage area is 261011.
    • The code is an homage to Robert Patrick, the actor who portrays Smith, as Patrick is the 1st Charter Holder of the 101st chapter of the Booze Fighters Motorcycle Club, being BF1011. Since B is the second letter of the alphabet, and F is the sixth letter, that would then become 261011.[11]

Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics, Wolfgang Schmidt was a Nazi who ran a concentration camp during World War II. When the war ended, he met a children's book author named Elizabeth Lewis and had a child together named Christopher that they raised in Austria. After they learned about his past, Wolfgang Schmidt became broken and committed suicide on Christopher's fifth birthday. His death haunted Christopher and was a factor in him becoming Peacemaker.
  • In DC Comics, White Dragon was the moniker chosen by William Heller, leader of the Aryan Empire and a childhood friend of Deadshot who was captured by the Suicide Squad after he started organizing racial conflicts as the villain William Hell. He later resurfaced as part of the Suicide Squad in a new suit of armor and with the White Dragon moniker, but he was killed by Plastique when he betrayed the team and murdered her friend Twister.


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