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Weisinger Primary School is an elementary school in Smallville, Kansas that Clark Kent attended.


Clark's Incident[]

"Can anyone tell me who first settled Kansas?"
―Ms. Rampling[src]
Weisinger Primary School

When he was 9 years old, Clark Kent attended Ms. Rampling's class. On September of 1988, during the first day of school[1], his enhanced senses manifested and he began to hear a wide variety of noises, as well as see through layers of matter, which overwhelmed Clark enough to run out of class and hide in a nearby janitor's closet. Martha was called and was able to calm Clark and help him to control his new ability.

Science Fair[]

At some point in time, Clark Kent attended the school science fair with his adopted father Jonathan Kent. He won first prize during the event, a moment which was memorialized with a photo of him and Jonathan. The photo was later included in an album that his adopted mother Martha kept.[2]

Known faculty[]

  • Unidentified principal[1]
  • Mr. Plummer[3]
  • Ms. Rampling

Known students[]

Former students[]

Behind the Scenes[]