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"You know, my father sat me down, right here. Told me what Wayne manor was built on. [...] The first generation made their fortune trading with the French. Pelts and skins. They were hunters."
Bruce Wayne, to Alfred Pennyworth on the history of the Wayne family.[src]

The Wayne family is a prominent, wealthy family that primarily lived in Gotham City. They are possibly one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in the city and owned Wayne Enterprises.


When Bruce Wayne was little, his father Thomas would sit Bruce down in Wayne Manor and explain to him the origins of the Wayne Manor. According to Thomas, the first generation of Waynes made their fortune by trading pelts and skins with the French.[1]

At some point Thomas Wayne met a woman named Martha and the two had a son named Bruce[1] on February 19, 1972.[2]

Thomas and Martha Wayne with their son Bruce.

Nine years later, on June 26, 1981,[3] Thomas and Martha were killed by a mugger, while walking home from the Aragon Theatre after seeing The Mark of Zorro. Their death left their only son Bruce orphaned and under the care of Alfred Pennyworth.[1]

Known family members

  • Alan Wayne (1867-1922)
  • Charles Wayne (1885-1954)
  • Benjamin Wayne (1902-1969)
  • Patrick A. Wayne (1907-1977) (Thomas's father, Martha's father-in-law, Bruce's grandfather, deceased)
  • Laura Wayne (1915-1979) (Thomas's grandmother, Bruce's great-grandmother, deceased)
  • Thomas Wayne (1942–June 26, 1981) (Martha's husband and Bruce's father; deceased)
  • Martha Wayne (1946–June 26, 1981) (Thomas' wife and Bruce's mother; deceased)
  • Bruce Wayne (February 19, 1972–) (Thomas and Martha's son)
  • Dick Grayson (January 15, 1982–August 23, 2000) (Bruce's adoptive son, deceased)



  • The family name was chosen by Bill Finger as an homage to the well-known U.S. Army General of the American Revolutionary War Mad Anthony Wayne as he was looking for a name that would suggest colonialism.[4]


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