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"You know, my father sat me down right here. Told me what Wayne Manor was built on."
"Railroads, real estates, and oil."
"The first generation made their fortune trading with the French. Pelts and skins. They were hunters.
Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth[src]

Wayne Manor is a large rundown mansion and the former residence of the Wayne Family in Gotham City. It is currently the headquarters of the Justice League. The Wayne Mausoleum is located on the manor's grounds.


Wayne Residence

Wayne Manor was the large palatial home of Bruce Wayne and his butler Alfred Pennyworth, and the former home to the late Martha and Thomas Wayne, who were buried in the cemetery on the grounds.

Fall from Grace

The Waynes were known to have kept a larger personal staff in order to maintain the Manor. But after the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce decided he didn't need servants.[1]

As it stood, the manor eventually became a desolate husk, overtaken by weeds and water stains after years of neglect.[2] At some point, probably in association with killing Robin, Joker burned down the mansion, causing Bruce to move into the modern-styled Glass House by a lake.[3] At some point, Alfred left the decaying mansion to settle in a trailer somewhere on the Wayne Estate.[4]


"Big round table. Six chairs, right there."
"But room for more."
"But room for more.
Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince[src]

After stopping the invasion of Parademons led by Steppenwolf, Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth started planning to rebuild the Manor as the headquarters for the Justice League and its potential future recruits, with some help from Diana Prince. Immediately following Bruce Wayne's conversation with Martian Manhunter, the mansion could be seen undergoing renovation.[5]


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