The Wayne Financial Building was a skyscraper in Metropolis owned by Wayne Enterprises.


During the Battle of Metropolis, Bruce Wayne called his employee Jack O'Dwyer and ordered an immediate evacuation of the Wayne Financial Building. While Bruce races to get to the building, General Zod launches Superman, backwards into the facility. Zod followed, when suddenly his heat vision activated, taking away an entire floor which begins to subsequently collapse killing Jack and a few others who were still in the building.[1] As Zod fled Superman quickly flew out of the collapsing Wayne Financial Building to pursue him. Bruce Wayne witnessed this particular portion of the battle from a nearby street, just as he saw the beams of Zod's heat vision cutting through the upper floor's walls. As the building had already begun collapsing, Bruce ran right into the falling debris, desperate to save someone.

As Bruce was looking for survivors, he found Wallace Keefe trapped under the rubble. He and a few people manage to pull Wallace out of the rubble, but Wallace was left crippled from the leg down. Bruce then found a little girl standing under loose rubble and managed to save her before it collapsed on her. He asked the girl where her mother is, but she pointed to the collapsed building, meaning that her mom was killed inside during the battle. Bruce gave her a hug to comfort her as he looked up to the sky and watched as Zod and Superman fall out of the sky.[2]



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