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Wayne Enterprises is a prominent conglomerate company owned by members of the Wayne family, currently owned by Bruce Wayne. At one point, the company became the largest tech company in the entire world.[2] The company is based in Gotham City, New Jersey.



Wayne Enterprises was first founded in Gotham City during the 19th century, beginning with real estate and transatlantic shipping, later branching out to railroads and oil operations.[1]

Assassination of the Waynes[]

In 1981, company CEO Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha were murdered, leaving the company in shambles, until over a decade later when their son Bruce took it over.[1]

Acquiring Van Criss Laboratories[]

Sometime before 2013, Wayne Enterprises created or acquired Van Criss Laboratories, which became a division of Wayne Enterprises focusing on nanite development and construction. The government agency A.R.G.U.S., under Amanda Waller, would later contract Van Criss Laboratories for the use of their nano-bombs for Task Force X.[3]

Black Zero Event[]

In 2013, during a final battle between Kryptonian aliens General Dru-Zod and Superman in Metropolis, Wayne Tower was brought down by Zod's violent heat vision, killing dozens of people within, including Jack O'Dwyer.[4] As the aliens' battle briefly progressed into outer space, one of Wayne Enterprises' satellites was destroyed as well.[5]

In the immediate aftermath of the battle, the Daily Planet reported that there was a board shakeup for Wayne Industries, while also reporting that Wayne Enterprises stock remained stable.[6]

Historically, the company, under the insistence of its CEO Bruce Wayne, had refused any military contracts. However, several have queried this stance given the $97 million spent annually on military R&D by Wayne Enterprises.[7]

Rivalry with LexCorp[]

By 2015, the company was known to have become the largest tech company in the world, with its rival LexCorp coming at a close second.[2]

Correspondence Shipments[]

After the Showdown in Wayne Station, Bruce Wayne managed to recover the original photograph of Diana and the Wonder Men during World War I. Grateful for her help in the battle against Doomsday, Wayne mailed the photograph through Wayne Enterprises to the Louvre Museum in Paris.[8]

In 2022, with Barry Allen's request to help him free his father from prison, Wayne Enterprises processed security camera video from the supermarket Henry Allen went to on the day of Nora Allen's murder, hoping to prove his alibi. However, after receiving the envelope from Wayne Enterprises with the USB drive, Allen discovered that the video didn't show his father's face, so it couldn't be used to his advantage.[9]

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