"You know I paid millions for this building's security system."
Bruce Wayne tells Diana Prince about the cost of the hangar.[src]
Wayne Aerospace Hangar is an abandoned submarine hangar on the docks of Gotham Harbor in Gotham City, New Jersey. [1] It served as a central development location for Wayne Aerospace, before it was left behind. The Flying Fox is based here.


The Flying Fox

The Wayne Aerospace Hangar had been closed for years, before Bruce Wayne reopened it and began to fix up the vehicle nicknamed the "Flying Fox", as a way to transport the newly-formed Justice League from place to place.



  • Zack Snyder released a storyboard from his original cut that revealed the exterior shots of Wayne Aerospace were left on the cutting room floor. Due to the reshoots of Justice League, it was previously thought that the Flying Fox was in the Batcave. [2]


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