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Washington, D.C. also known as the District of Columbia, is the capital of the United States of America and is home to national landmarks such as the Washington Monument, built to commemorate George Washington, the Lincoln Memorial, built to commemorate Abraham Lincoln, the U.S. Capitol Building, the Pentagon and the White House.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is also headquartered in the city. Through Turkish Airlines, Washington, D.C. is connected to Istanbul's Ataturk Airport.


20th Century[]

1983 U.S Senate Bombing[]

In 1983, a bomb explosion occurred at the United States Capitol on November 7th of that year, prompting tighter security measures to those who toured the building. The event was reported by The Washington Times.

Rise of Maxwell Lord[]

In the mid 1980's, Diana took residence at the Watergate Complex in Washington, D.C. and occasionally performed her duties as Wonder Woman, leading to the media to question who the mysterious heroine was and where she came from. Eventually, charismatic entrepreneur Max Lord came into possession of the Dreamstone and used it to become a powerful figure and allow his oil company, Black Gold Cooperative to thrive.

However, as Max granted more wishes for himself and others, it triggered global chaos and instability, with tensions peaking between the United States and the Soviet Union. Eventually, Max visited the incumbent president at the White House to grant him additional nukes in exchange for Max being treated as an independent nation with diplomatic immunity and access to a top-secret satellite program to grant wishes across the world. In response to the civil disorder in Washington, the United States National Guard was called in. Amidst the chaos, Steve Trevor, who was resurrected by the Dreamstone, convinced Diana to renounce her wish before she left to confront Max.

When Max began granting wishes across the world, the Americans and Soviets launched their respective nuclear arsenals. However, Diana interrupted Max's broadcast with the Lasso of Truth to convince him and the citizens of the world to renounce their wishes. She successfully does so, which reversed the chaos created and prevented a nuclear war from taking place. Soon after, Max reunites with his son Alistair at Black Gold, apologizing to Alistair for his negligence during his greed-fueled campaign. In response, Alistair forgives him.[1]

21st Century[]

Anti-Superman Testimony[]

For a time, the United States Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities kept tabs on Superman as a precaution. In 2015, the Man of Steel intervened in international affairs to save his girlfriend Lois Lane from harm, destroying a drone and apparently killing others in the process (though it was staged and Lois unknowingly recovered vital evidence in the form of a specialized bullet from the scene). As a result of the events in Nairomi, Kahina Ziri was one of those who testified against Superman in the nation's capital before Congress.

Eventually Lois, with Perry White's permission, travels to the S.T.A.R. Labs Washington D.C. Division so Jenet Klyburn can provide her with answers about the strange bullet. Initially, Klyburn has none except the bullet is made of a strange metal. Once U.S. Senator June Finch blocks Lex Luthor's attempt to move Kryptonite (which the latter learns in harmful to kryptonians) into the country and Kahina Ziri confessed her part in Luthor's deceptions, Luthor's plans begin to unravel and he plots to have both women killed. He has Anatoli Knyazev kill Kahini at a Washington D.C. transit station. Luthor then manipulates Wallace Keefe to testify before Congress against Superman providing him with a motorized wheelchair packed with explosives and lead casing.

Bvs - Capitol protests

Superman is protested at the Capitol Building.

When Superman arrives at the U.S. Capitol, the trap is sprung, before he can answer to Congress and Keefe, a huge explosion occurs, resulting in many casualties, including Keefe, Finch, and Mercy Graves. Though Superman initially helped with the survivors, he's overcome with guilt and grief by looking at the many dead. Feeling partially responsible for coming to the Capitol in the first place, he stops helping with the victims, looks at Lois, and suddenly flies off in view of many spectators. This action causes some to have suspicions of the Man of Steel with his detractors believing he was involved somehow.[2]

Creation of Task Force X[]

A year after Superman's sacrifice to kill Doomsday, A.R.G.U.S. Director Amanda Waller went to the Pentagon to authorize the creation a Task Force X, a black ops program that enlists incarcerated supervillains to do missions. The military officials at the Pentagon were against putting the emerging metahumans into situations involving national security. However, Waller had the ancient extra-dimensional entity known as Enchantress demonstrate her valuable skills, having the powerful being teleport from the Pentagon to Iran to retrieve valuable Iranian military intelligence. After teleporting back to the Pentagon, Enchantress flirted with Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff General Edwards, sensually caressing his face against his objections. After the successful demonstration, Waller received authorization to assemble Task Force X.[3]

Arrest of Wolfe[]

Wolfe is arrested by the Justice Department

Wolfe is arrested in Washington D.C..

On April 10, 2022, the Shazam Family captured CIA agent Wolfe after he committed financial fraud by leaking classified information, revealing the identities of four intelligence operatives who had been killed. He was then demoted from the agency and the Justice Department arrested him and charged him in the Washington D.C. courts.[4]




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