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"I worked for Bruce Wayne! I was a person!"
―Wallace Keefe[src]

Wallace Vernon "Wally" Keefe was a former employee of Wayne Enterprises. He worked as a security guard at Wayne Tower in Metropolis, but during the Black Zero event suffered severe injuries that cost him his legs.


Black Zero Event

"I can't feel my legs!"
―Wallace Keefe to Bruce Wayne[src]

During General Dru-Zod's invasion of Earth, his forces attacked Wallace Keefe's home city of Metropolis.[1] During his attempt to terraform, Wayne Tower collapsed, where Keefe worked as a security guard.[2] Present at the time, Keefe attempted to evacuate people from the building before it began to crumble.

Bruce Wayne, just arriving in the city, got to the ruins of his building. He entered the rubble looking amongst it for any survivors. There, he found Keefe, his legs trapped underneath rubble, before joining a few others at freeing him. Keefe was rushed in to get medical care, though the lower halves of both legs had to be amputated, resulting in him losing his job.[3]

Life as an amputee

Shortly after the amputation, his wife left him, having been devastated by the death of their daughter during that incident. Despite losing his job, Wallace was supposed to be compensated with monthly checks. Lex Luthor intercepted all of Keefe's severance payments and returned them to Wayne Enterprises with hate words written in red, making Bruce Wayne think his company abandoned a victim of Superman.[3]

Vandalism and terrorism

The loss of his wife and daughter made him bitter towards Superman, so as part of a protest he vandalised the Superman statue and got himself arrested. Luthor later paid Keefe's bail, and invites him to visit his mansion. There, Luthor wants Keefe to testify against Superman in a Senate committee, with Luthor also gifting Keefe with a motorized wheelchair as an extra bribe.[3]


Keefe's death

Keefe keeps his end of the deal, and is present at the US Capitol when Superman arrives to the hearing. Shortly after the committee begins with the address of Senator June Finch, a bomb (secretly planted inside the wheelchair Luthor gave to Keefe) exploded, killing Keefe and all others present, except for the invulnerable Superman.[3][2]

Upon investigating his apartment, the FBI found evidence of bomb-making components in Wallace Keefe's apartment. Lois Lane later combed through the apartment herself, working on a hunch. Upon finding a well-stocked amount of fruits and other food in his fruit bowl and refrigerator, Lois came to the realization that Wallace must not have known he was about to die.[3]


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