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"We're born killers. What separates us from other killers is we only kill bad people. Usually. Unless there's a mistake. Now, do I sound like a fucking maniac?"
―Vigilante to Peacemaker[src]

Adrian Chase is an enthusiastic and sadistic restaurant busboy who operates by night as the ruthless Vigilante. He willingly joined a smaller team to put together for a world-saving mission so he could form a bond with his idol, Peacemaker and make new friends.


Early life

Adrian Chase was born on June 30, 1991. At some point, his dad came out as gay and left his mom for another guy. Chase eventually became a violent vigilante known as Vigilante. Since then, Chase committed multiple acts of murder against various criminals which made him gain the attention of the authorities.[1][2][3]

Working as a busboy for Fennel Fields, he met Christopher Smith aka Peacemaker through his brother Gut Chase and quickly became a fan of his, with Adrian believing they were best friends. While Peacemaker was arrested and sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2017, Chase kept sending friendly voice messages to his phone.[4]

Reunited with Peacemaker

Reunion at Fennel Fields

"Fuck yeah! Peacemaker is back, baby!"
―Adrian Chase celebrating the return of Peacemaker[src]

Chase watching Peacemaker at Fennel Fields.

One of the nights he was working as a busboy in Fennel Fields, Chase spotted Peacemaker in costume having a meeting with some members of Task Force X and kept staring at Smith for an uncomfortably long amount of time. He exited the restaurant to take out trash and quickly started dancing happily after realizing that Peacemaker got out of prison, Chase was then caught by one of his co-workers which led to an awkward conversation where he tried to cover up the reason why he was dancing.[4]

Helping Peacemaker

"I'm really happy you're back. Why are you crying?"
―Vigilante to Peacemaker[src]

Vigilante comforts Peacemaker.

Vigilante saw a light on Peacemaker's house and thought someone was creeping around so he went to investigate. He saw Peacemaker crying on his bed through the window, Smith noticed this and berated him for acting like a stalker. He helped Peacemaker clean up his place after the cops wreck it while looking for evidence.

Vigilante and Peacemaker shooting appliances.

As Smith started to question his quest for achieving peace by any means necessary, Vigilante tried to comfort him by saying that they both get pleasure in killing people due to being born killers that used their gifts to focus on bad people. Vigilante then went with Peacemaker to shoot various appliances Chase had saved since Smith went to prison to celebrate him getting out. He was later seen in bed with Peacemaker and Amber Calcaterra.[2]

Project Butterfly

Following Task Force X

"I just wanna make sure you're okay. I don't trust these people."
―Vigilante to Peacemaker[src]

Vigilante is caught spying on Task Force X.

Vigilante went to spy on Peacemaker and the Task Force X members while they prepared for a mission, as he didn't trust the members of the team with Peacemaker. Leota Adebayo caught him spying on them behind a dumpster, Emilia Harcourt told Chase to get out which prompted an argument between the two, with Chase then leaving after saying that none of the Task Force members could become Peacemaker's best friend. Despite seemingly leaving the team to fend off on their own, Vigilante kept following them in secret during their mission.[1]

Murdering the Goff family

"And now, Papa Bear, ou..."
―Vigilante about to kill Royland Goff[src]

Vigilante murders the Goff family.

Vigilante followed the team to the home of U.S. senator Royland Goff, where Peacemaker and Emilia Harcourt were watching Goff's family from afar waiting for the right time to kill them as they suspect they were Butterflies. Chase asked why didn't they just kill the bodyguards that were protecting the Goff family and Emilia said that they were most likely innocent people hired to protect them.

Vigilante is beaten down by Judomaster.

After confirming that the whole family were butterflies, Clemson Murn gave Peacemaker the order to kill them. But when Peacemaker hesitated to follow Murn's orders to kill the Goff family as it included the kids, Vigilante told him to step back and hand him the sniper rifle. Chase then shot the kids and the mother without remorse but before he could kill Royland, Vigilante was attacked by Judomaster. Both he and Peacemaker tried to fight the martial artist but were quickly knocked down and taken by inside Royland Goff's house.[1]

Tortured by Royland Goff

"I think he only cut off about half my toe."
"Hey, what'd you say your name was again?"
"Adrian. I need to put my mask back on in case they come down.
―Vigilante and Peacemaker[src]

Vigilante and Peacemaker witness a butterfly.

Chase and Smith were taken into a cave-like lair located under Goff's house were Royland tried to get information off Peacemaker by torturing Chase, electrocuting his genitals in the process. Royland also unmasked Chase which revealed to Peacemaker that he was Gut Chase's younger brother. As Peacemaker continued to give him no information, Goff kept torturing Chase and even almost cut off one of his toes. Chase was saved when an explosion caused by the Task Force X team freed Peacemaker from his restraints, once Smith killed Royland both he and Chase saw how a butterfly escaped from Goff's corpse.[1]

Joining Task Force X

"Yeah, have to keep Vigilante close, if he talks he could ruin everything."
Clemson Murn to Peacemaker[src]

Vigilante and Peacemaker drive to August Smith's house.

After being rescued by Task Force X he joined them and was at the back of their truck worrying about not being able to walk again for losing his pinky toe. When the team asked themselves what they would do with Judomaster who was captured by John Economos, both Vigilante and Peacemaker pointed their guns at him to kill him but were stopped by the rest of the team. Clemson Murn gave Chase the keys to a car and told him to drive, he also told Peacemaker to keep an eye on him as he could ruin everything if he talked.

Vigilante was driving in the car with Peacemaker, with Smith telling Chase to drive to his father's house in order to get another helmet. Chase also seemingly thanked Smith for allowing him to be tortured, but Peacemaker realized that he was talking passive-aggressively and was actually angry about the fact. After arriving in August Smith's house, Chase noted that there was a backwards American flag in it, deducing that Peacemaker's dad was a racist.[3]

Visiting Auggie Smith

"You want me to take you to jail to see your dad?"
"Yeah, even though I know he's a racist."
"Shouldn't you kill him then?
―Adrian Chase and Christopher Smith[src]

Chase on Peacemaker's storage area.

While Peacemaker entered his dad's quantum unfolding storage area to get a new helmet, Chase took off his protective suit and decided to join him as the car's radio was just playing commercials. He then had an argument with Peacemaker about his father being a racist and him not caring about his previous torture. As the two got in the car, Peacemaker discovered that his dad was in prison and was framed by Task Force X for the crimes he commited. While driving, Smith apologized to Chase about not being sympathetic enough while he was being tortured, he accepted the apology and offered Smith to drive him to the Evergreen Corrections Center to see his dad.

Chase talks to Leota Adebayo.

After arriving at the Evergreen Corrections Center, Chase and Smith were met by Leota Adebayo who tried to convince smith about not seeing his father, when Adebayo failed she realized that Chase was Vigilante due to the similarities in their voices and the fact that he was limping despite Chase's attempts of hiding it. He and Adebayo sat on a bench and talked while they were waiting for Smith to get out, and Adebayo told Chase that she thought both he and Smith were good people, but Smith was being held down by his father and that they needed to get rid of him if they wanted Smith to be happy.[3]

Getting himself arrested

"You're a bad dad."
―Adrian Chase to August Smith[src]

Chase on the Evergreen Corrections Center.

His talk with Adebayo was actually a manipulation designed to motivate Chase into killing Peacemaker's father, it worked and Chase tried to enter the Evergreen Corrections Center and kill Auggie Smith in there. Chase went in front of various cops that were eating lunch and threw a trash can to the window of the correction center, this resulted in him being arrested and taken inside the facility. Becoming an inmate on the correction center, Chase went to see Auggie Smith at his table.

Chase talks to Auggie Smith after his fight.

He sat with the group and started to mock them for their bigoted racist ideals, one of the inmates then tried to attack Chase in anger but was quickly beaten down by him. Chase fought and defeated the whole group effortlessly except for Peacemaker's father, who didn't want to attack him due to the fear of the cameras seeing him. Chase told Smith that he was a bad dad, unfortunately this made Auggie believe that his son was trying to kill him and asked to speak to Detective Sophie Song immediately before both of them were taken to their cells by the guards. Chase was then quickly released from prison by Task Force X and was picked up outside by Emilia Harcourt, after entering her car, Chase introduced himself to her and lamented the fact that he may have made everything worse before being taken home by Harcourt.[3]

Investigating the Bottling Plant

"Fuck! I'm never ever gonna kill someone with a fucking chainsaw. It's so not fair."

Vigilante and Emilia Harcourt investigate the bottling plant.

Vigilante and the rest of the team attended a meeting in their headquarters where Murn explained to them their history with the Butterfly Investigation, there he laughed while Peacemaker made fun of John Economos' PowerPoint Presentation. Chase and the team was tasked with the mission of going to the Glan Tai Bottling Company in Little Cork in order to see what they could find out anything about the viscous amber fluid that serves as the butterflies' only food source. On the way to the plant Vigilante asked why they were storming the place without any kind of warrant to which Harcourt explained that they were conducting an illegal operation that needed to be kept under the radar, as every previous attempt to investigate Butterflies up until then had been shut down. Once they arrived at the bottling plant, Vigilante tried to use a chainsaw as a weapon before being stopped by Harcourt, who told him he couldn't take something like that into the factory, much to his disappointment. After failing a game of rock, paper, scissors, Harcourt had to partner up with Chase while they investigated the back of the bottling plant.

Vigilante stabs the gorilla with his sword.

As the duo investigated some of the boxes they informed Economos that there were thousand boxes of the Butterflies' food supply and the plant could be the main distribution hub. Vigilante and Harcourt made their way to the main factory were they bottled the amber fluid but were quickly spotted by the Butterfly infected workers. While trying to escape the infected they locked themselves on a computer room where they were attacked by a Butterfly infected gorilla. During their fight they were soon joined by Peacemaker and Adebayo, they all tried to fight the infected gorilla, with Vigilante even stabbing it with a sword before being quickly knocked down, but were easily beaten until Economos killed the gorilla with a chainsaw.

Vigilante with his new friends.

With their mission being a success, the team celebrated and talked about how the butterflies can use any lifeform as a host. After Murn gave them a rest, Harcourt sent the team a photo she took of them celebrating to their group chat, which made Chase very happy.[5]

Chased by the police

"Dude, you still have that thing?"
―Vigilante to Peacemaker[src]

Vigilante and Peacemaker try to communicate with the butterfly.

The next day, Chase went to see Peacemaker at his trailer and found that he still had Goff's butterfly in a jar. After the butterfly made a peace symbol out of the honey-esque food in the jar to communicate with them, Chase and Smith tried to ask the butterfly "yes or no" questions about her goals but were interrupted when the Evergreen Police Department arrived to arrest Peacemaker. The two successfully escaped from the top of the trailer with Eagly and the butterfly that Adrian attached to him with some duct tape. Unfortunately, as they were being spotted by Detective Sophie Song, Chase fell from one of the trees they were hiding in and broke the jar that contained the butterfly, allowing it to enter Song's body.

Vigilante and Peacemaker are rescued by Locke.

Vigilante and Peacemaker were then spotted by the rest of the police force which lead to a chase were Vigilante tried to stop the cops by throwing knives at them, much to Peacemaker's anger as he didn't want to kill cops. The two were rescued from the rest of the cops by a mysterious police captain that offered them a car to escape while he killed the remaining cops that were chasing them. On their way to their team's headquarters Vigilante destroyed Peacemaker's phone when he tried to call Harcourt as he believed they could be tracked but was later informed that it was protected so Chase gave Smith his phone to make the call. After the two arrived at their HQ, the rest of the team said that the main source of the butterflies food came from Coverdale Ranch which was most likely underground, which lead Peacemaker to note that there was information the team kept hidden from him and Vigilante.[6]

Fighting the Aryan Empire

"There are gaps in the armor, man."
―Vigilante to the White Dragon[src]

Vigilante saves Peacemaker from his father.

After Smith and Chase witnessed a television broadcast where a Butterfly-Locke publicly incriminated Peacemaker with entries from the fake diary that was put in his trailer by Adebayo, the two along with Economos decided to go to Coverdale Ranch and kill famous "cow" that was the source of the food for the butterflies. While they were driving to the location on their truck, they were hit by the White Dragon, Smith's father who had put on his armor once again to try and kill Chris. Right before the White Dragon could kill Peacemaker with his energy gauntlets, Vigilante shot him and got him out of the truck where he threw a grenade between himself and August. Despite not killing him, the explosion gave Peacemaker and Economos time to run as well as it gave Vigilante time to hide from August and his Aryan Empire by stealing one of his cars.

Vigilante stabs the White Dragon.

Chase went to pee at the woods when the rest of the Aryan Empire arrived to catch Peacemaker, Economos later alerted Vigilante about their arrival and he went to rescue his friend. Just as the White Dragon was about to kill Peacemaker, Chase jumped on his back and stabbed him by using one of the gasps in his armor. He was quickly thrown to the ground by August but was saved by John Economos who shot the members of the Aryan Empire that tried to kill him. After Peacemaker killed his father and started crying, Vigilante thought he was doing face exercises by mistake before being corrected by John, leading to Chase trying to calm Smith down by patting on his back.

Vigilante and the team prepare to kill the Cow.

After this, the trio took Eagly to a vet, but after Eagly's surgery, he threatened the three vets to prevent them from revealing anything. Vigilante argued with Harcourt, John and Adebayo about how he numbered the vets and how they said details of his identity as a waiter, he was destined to kill them, but Harcourt denied it, since they would only tie them up, and Vigilante was careful with the tape, something which surprised Economos because he was kind to the tape, but not to the murders. Now with Harcourt as the team leader, Vigilante and the team prepared to kill the Cow and discussed the details of the plan with John. The team left the vet and took a new truck to Coverdale Ranch and Chase took over feeding Eagly.[7]

Battle at Coverdale Ranch

"Don't fuck with my BFF."
―Vigilante to Larry Fitzgibbon[src]

Vigilante and Peacemaker running towards the army of Butterflies.

Once the team arrived at Coverdale Ranch, they decided to use one of Peacemaker's helmets to destroy the barn and the cow that was under it. When their plan to use Eagly to put the helmet on the barn failed and they lost the helmet on the woods, they separated in order to look for it, with Chase and Economos going together. Needing someone to go undercover to put the helmet on the barn, Vigilante volunteered himself to do it but couldn't as the Butterflies knew what he looked like, so they sent John instead. After a minor inconvenience, they managed to activate the sonic boom helmet that exploded four time on the barn.

Vigilante kills the infected Larry Fitzgibbon.

The explosions allowed Peacemaker, Harcourt and Vigilante to go on a full-front attack against the Butterflies while they were worried for their cow. Vigilante went running to the Butterflies with two pistols and later use a sword to slash through the infected. As Smith followed Eek Stack Ik Ik that went to see the cow under the barn, one of the Butterflies that infected Larry Fitzgibbon tried to stop him but Chase stabbed him before It could do so. As they Vigilante and Harcourt continued to fight the infected, Chase was shot on the back and fell unconscious after throwing a knife to his attempted killer.

Chase at the Mount Rouge Health Center.

He eventually regain consciousness after Peacemaker had killed the cow with the help of Leota Adebayo, but found that Harcout had been shot. The team eventually walked away from the massacre at the barn and briefly met the Justice League, who had arrived late the scene. The team took Harcourt and Economos to the Mount Rouge Health Center, where Smith told Chase that he should also get admitted, but Vigilante refused until he fell unconscious again, forcing him to get admitted at the health center. He was on his medical room while listening to Adebayo's speech about Peacemaker's diary before escaping moments later. After the events of Project Butterfly, Vigilante went with Peacemaker to blow up an abandoned car for fun.[8]


"We used to go out, kill bad guys. Boom, boom, boom. No problem. We accidentally kill the wrong person? "Aw shoot. Bummer. That stinks." Then we move on!"
―Vigilante to Peacemaker[src]

Adrian Chase is enthusiastic and enjoys the small seemingly insignificant things in life and shows great interest in vigilantism and helping others. To outsiders Adrian doesn't appear to be very intelligent, but he ultimately wants to do whatever he can to help people and make friends, reaching the point of considering Christopher Smith as his best friend due to the admiration that Chase has for him. Underneath his big smile, however, he's rather awkward, odd and has a "shoot first, ask questions later" attitude, refusing to confront his issues the way most people would. However, Chase proved to be very confident when he went to confront Auggie Smith, as he didn't show fear, funny or anything after hearing that Auggie Smith is a bad guy.[9]

According to Peacemaker, Chase has some mental issues, to the point in which he enjoys killing bad people. He also claims not to express emotions like most people do, which becomes quite obvious in the show. Although he does seem to have a sense of justice, he doesn't seem phased by the idea of killing an innocent person by mistake, which shows that he has little concern for human life in general, though he does seem to care about the life of his team mates such as Economos.[2][6]It's Cow or Never

Vigilante seems to be completely oblivious to any kind of social cues, frequently misinterpreting other's reactions, making awkward comments unaware of their context, and struggling to realize when others are feeling emotionally distressed, such as when Peacemaker killed his own father and broke down crying and Vigilante assumed Smith was making facial excercises. This is also exemplified when he approves of Harcourt's leadership by saying "#MeToo". All these examples and several other situations in the show might indicate that Adrian is autistic.

Even though he has little concern for human life, he still has some sort of twisted moral code. For example, he prefered using tape over rope to restrain the hospital crew, claiming ropes could hurt them, showing he still has some kind of empathy, perhaps only to innocent people like them. He was also disgusted by the White Dragon's segregacionist views, mocking him for them.


"Since then I've turned my body into an instrument of vengeance."
"Dude, that's admirable. Your body's way more toned than it used to be."
"I mean, you were always wiry, but solid frame. Good foundation, I guess.
―Vigilante and Peacemaker[src]
  • Peak human condition: Chase has trained his body to its peak for his crime-fighting activities. According to Smith, Chase was always wiry with a solid frame, but he has since improved his muscle tone.
    • Peak human strength: Despite his skinny build, Chase has shown himself to be quite strong. While fighting against prison inmates who were bulkier than him, he still managed to overpower them and break one of the inmate's arm. He also buried his sword deep in Larry Fitzgibbon's head. However, he struggled to carry a garbage bin as seen he had to carry by two hands and the bin was low to the ground.
    • Peak human durability: Chase is highly resilient and durable. Despite him being called skinny by Peacemaker, his durability showed when he was able to withstand being tortured by Royland Goff. His toes were strong enough for Goff having a hard time to cut it off, although the blade used was implied to have been dull and required more force. He later survived a close-range explosion from a grenade that even knocked an armored White Dragon to the ground, and even walked off getting shot in the back until he could get to a hospital, where he stayed for only four days.
    • Peak human agility: Chase has incredible agility, balance, dexterity and flexibility. He effortlessly leaped on the White Dragon's back and stabbed him with his knife. While in the hospital due to a gunshot wound, Chase was able to jump out of window without an causing him any physical pain.
    • Peak human stamina: Chase has a good amount of stamina and endurance, allowing him to fight very long period of time without being fatigued.
    • Peak human reflexes: Chase has good reflexes, allowing him to react to danger quite quickly. He was easily able to react to inmate's ambush and managed to counter it in deadly force.
"Isn't that guy wanted on multiple counts of murder?"
John Economos[src]

Chase subduing prison inmates

  • Expert martial artist: Chase is a highly skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. His fighting style seems to comprise of Boxing, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Krav Maga, Judo, Taekwondo and Karate[citation needed]. He is able to fight the master martial artist, Judomaster alongside Peacemaker, even managing to outlast Peacemaker before he was defeated by the more skilled foe. Chase later demonstrated his combat knowledge even further when easily incapacitating multiple prison inmates at the same time.
    • Knife mastery: Chase is extremely skilled at using knives in combat. He drew out two combat knives during his fight against Judomaster and fought against him. Chase is also skilled in knife throwing, accurately throwing a knife in a cop's head. He also managed to stab The White Dragon weak spots with a knife and accurately threw one without even looking behind him at a Butterfly-infected host while collapsing from a gunshot wound.
    • Sword mastery: Chase is highly skilled at using a sword in combat. He almost successfully killed Charlie the Gorilla with the sword but got knocked out. He also managed to fight off the numerous of butterflies with his sword.
  • Master marksman: Chase is highly skilled in the use of various firearms, as seen when he trained with Peacemaker. He used a submachine gun to shoot a smiley face into a target. Chase was able to take out three members of the Goff family in quick succession with a sniper rifle. He is also a skilled archer, particularly with a compound bow. Chase also shoot numerous butterflies with his dual pistols. Chase's marksmanship was also shown when he shot at White Dragon with a submachine gun, hitting his target multiple times in an enclosed space without striking Economos and Peacemaker.
  • Expert tactician: Vigilante is always prepared and careful when crime fighting. He keeps his mask on most of the time, drives around in a normal car, and when he is unmasked he constantly changes facial expressions to not be picked out of a line up. He was able to track down and follow Peacemaker's special ops team without being noticed until he revealed himself. He attempted to kill Auggie Smith by purposefully getting himself arrested and goading Smith's men into attacking him to make it look like self-defense. He also has a keen eye for detail as he could deduce the weak spots in the White Dragon armor.
  • Expert assassin: Chase is considered a highly skilled assassin because of how he killed his targets using his combat skills, marksmanship and weapons. He managed to assassinate three members of Goff family accurately with a sniper rifle. He killed countless amount of butterflies with his sword when Battle at Coverdale Ranch and even managed to kill one by throwing a knife behind him, without looking in the Butterflies direction.
  • Thief: Chase easily commandeered a White Hood's car.
  • Stealth: Chase is skilled at stealth tactics. He was able to follow Peacemaker and his team for a while without being spotted, though the first time he was spotted by Adebayo. He later followed them again, with them not realising until he revealed he had been following them.


"Yeah, I was a late bloomer. I didn't go through puberty until my mid-20s. I mean, I didn't care 'cause I don't have emotions like people do, but the other guys, after Chris came up with a nickname for them, usually based on their penises, they would just walk into the other room and sob, because that would become their name for the rest of their life."
―Vigilante to Leota Adebayo[src]
  • Perception: Due to most characters in the show only knowing a layer of Adrian's personality, they often judge him and call him things such as 'sociopath' or 'psychopath' just from their knowledge that he seems to have no problem murdering people, doesn't express his emotions and thoughts the way most other people would and is not very good at reading any kind of social cues. While this is indeed all correct, other than Peacemaker and Eagly neither Harcourt nor Economos, Murn or Leota know who Adrian truly is behind those very obvious traits. Not even Peacemaker seems to truly understand Adrian's unique character. This leads to none of his team members acknowledging Adrian's skills other than that he's good for 'doing the dirty work' (murdering people), treating him more like an asset rather than a human being. Therefore Adrian never gets any credit for his other talents, such as being very detail orientated and perceptive/observant (for example when with only one glance at the White Dragon suit he noticed the gaps in the armour, which he later used as an advantage in the fight with Peacemaker's father, saving his best friend from being killed). This said, Adrian's "weakness" of never being able to embrace his full capabilities and skills due to no one truly acknowledging his strengths (other than murdering people) but picking on all his weaknesses (not being able to follow several rules at once, not picking up on sarcasm/ rhetorical questions/ social cues/...) could more be described as a weakness of the whole team than as him being labelled as a psychopath and childish.



  • Vigilante suit: Chase wears a protective suit as his alter-ego, Vigilante, to hide his identity from his enemies when he goes out to fight crime and carry his weapons. The visor of the mask can detract for better vision. The visor is also built with a prescription lens to compensate for Chase's eye requirements. The suit also contains holsters and scabbards which Chase used to put his weapons. His suit was later torn out as the result of the explosion caused by himself. The suit was later repaired after the Battle at Coverdale Ranch.[10]

Weapons and gadgets

  • Walther P99: Vigilante's sidearm is a two-tone pistol with a slightly bronze-tinted stainless steel slide. He used it when practicing his marksmanship on appliances with Peacemaker, and brought it when infiltrating the Glan Tai Bottling Company facility. There, he used it to shoot at Butterflies.
  • Walther PPQ Q5 Match: Vigilante brought another pistol to dual-wield at Coverdale Ranch.
  • Colt Single Action Army: Vigilante dual-wielded a pair of revolvers while shooting at appliances with Peacemaker.
  • MasterPiece Arms MPA30DMG: Vigilante used a suppressed submachine gun with a folding stock, BCM Mod 3 Vertical grip and a raised reflex sight to shoot at appliances with Peacemaker.
  • FN P90: Vigilante took Peacemaker's new gun to defend himself, Peacemaker and Economos from the White Dragon and his soldiers. He later used it to threaten a veterinarian and two nurses for seeing him without his mask on.
  • Mossberg 500 Cruiser: Vigilante used a pump-action shotgun to shoot at appliances with Peacemaker.
  • Barrett M82A1M: Vigilante used a sniper rifle given to Peacemaker to assassinate the majority of the Goff family after the latter could not bring himself to do it. Before he could kill Royland Goff, however, he was ambushed by Judomaster.
  • Grenade: Vigilante used a hand grenade during his confrontation against White Dragon, though he was also wounded from the explosion.
  • Combat knives: Vigilante carries two combat knives on the back of his belt. He later draws out his knives when fighting with Judomaster. He can even use them as throwing knives, demonstrated when escaping from police.
  • Sword: Vigilante carries the Honshu war sword behind his suit. He later used the sword in an attempt to kill Charlie the gorilla. He later used the sword again to fight numerous butterflies.
  • Compound bow: Vigilante used a compound bow to launch arrows at appliances.
  • Dynamite: Vigilante threw sticks of dynamite at appliances and jokingly threw one at Peacemaker.
  • Chainsaw: Vigilante tried to bring a chainsaw into a mission but was rejected by Harcourt for not knowing if there are any butterflies there yet.


  • Vigilante-mobile: Chase owned and drove around in a normal Sebring car which he dubs the "Vigilante mobile".
  • Aryan Empire's sedan: Chase stole a car belonged to one of the White Dragon's man and used it to escape and stored a bag containing Peacemaker's helmets.
  • Locke's sedan: Chase and Christopher Smith was offered by Locke a black car in order to escape the police.
  • 11th Street Kids' van: To be added






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  • Vigilante's visor is not the ski googles design from the comics and resembles the V-shape used by Dorian Chase, Adrian's brother in the comics.
  • Vigilante using Colt SAA revolvers when shooting with Peacemaker is probably a reference to the first Vigilante, Greg Saunders.
  • Vigilante is 5'11".[3]
  • Vigilante needs glasses to see, and his visor is apparently prescription.[11]
  • Adrian's ringtone is Barbie Girl by Aqua.
  • Vigilante has an attraction to the American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, judging by his phone's search history.
  • Adrian, apparently wishes to experience motherhood instead of fatherhood. He was disappointed when Goff denied that the butterflies would be laying eggs in people, like the Xenomorphs in Aliens.

Behind the scenes

  • In the original DC Comics, Adrian Chase was a district attorney and later judge in New York City. After his wife and children were murdered by the mob, he became the Vigilante, to punish those who the justice system couldn't. However, after losing everyone in his life, Adrian's already fragile mind shattered, and he committed suicide.
  • Vigilante in the DC Extended Universe was originally supposed to be portrayed by Chris Conrad, but Conrad left the role in late May 2021 due to creative differences. He was replaced by Freddie Stroma.[12]

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