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"I can't wait to show you my toys!" ―Joker, Suicide Squad
"I can't wait to show you my toys!" ―Joker, Suicide Squad
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"What separates us from other killers is we only kill bad people...usually... unless there's a mistake."
―Vigilante to Peacemaker[src]

Adrian Chase is a former New York City district attorney, and secretly the superpowered Vigilante who seeks justice in his own way after his family was killed by mobsters. He was captured and made a member of an iteration of Task Force X put together for a world-saving mission, where he formed a friendship with his teammate Peacemaker.


Becoming the Vigilante

Adrian Chase worked as a New York City district attorney, but when his wife and children were killed by the mob, he was driven to become the superpowered Vigilante as a way to exact vengeance. He was captured and made a member of a special iteration of Task Force X, where he came in to conflict with teammate Christopher Smith, better known as the Peacemaker, and the two formed a friendship.[3]


"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
"All hands on deck." ―Billy Batson, Shazam!
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Powers and abilities


  • Regenerative healing factor: Chase has the ability to heal quickly and regenerate his body from injuries as serious as stabbings or gunshot wounds.


  • Expert combatant: Adrian is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant. He is able to fight the master martial artist, Judomaster.
  • Expert marksman: Adrian is quite proficient in the use of firearms and the compound bow.
  • Genius-level intellect: To be added


  • Guns: Adrian carrys one or more handguns on his person.
  • Combat Knife: Adrian carries a combat knife on the back of his belt.
  • Lariat: To be added
  • Bow and Arrows: To be added
  • Kukris: To be added
  • Chainsaw: To be added



  • Unnamed wife †
  • Unnamed child(ren) †



Behind the scenes

  • In the original DC Comics, Adrian Chase was a district attorney and later judge in New York City. After his wife and children were murdered by the mob, he became the Vigilante, to punish those who the justice system couldn't. However, after losing everyone in his life, Adrian's already fragile mind shattered, and he committed suicide.
  • Vigilante in the DC Extended Universe was originally supposed to be portrayed by Chris Conrad, but Conrad left the role in late May 2021 due to creative differences. He was replaced by Freddie Stroma.[1]

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