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"Suarez is dead. That means that I am President."

Vera was a high-ranking military leader in Corto Maltese. After Mateo Suarez died, he declared himself the new president, moments before being killed by Sol Soria and the Maltese Resistance.


Military Dictatorship

Serving the Armed Forces

Vera helped Silvio Luna and Mateo Suarez to organize a coup to remove the Herrera family from power, becoming a high-ranking general in the Corto Maltese Armed Forces. After 10 days of control, Task Force X infiltrated the country, while Vera accompanied Luna, Suarez to see Project Starfish in which scientist Gaius Grieves had worked for years.[1]

Shortly after, Silvio Luna would be assassinated by Harley Quinn, so Vera would break the news to Mateo Suarez one night, advising him that the generals agreed that he was the new president. Vera observed that night how Suarez would kill Luna's birds by setting them on fire as soon as he took power.[1]


When General Vera received the notice that Mateo Suarez died, he declared as the new Presidente of Corto Maltese. However, Sol Soria and the Maltese Resistance entered the room, killing Vera and all high-ranking generals. With the entire military leadership killed, Soria and her army took control of the government, liberating Corto Maltese and allowing free elections to take place.[1]


Vera, like his superiors, was a very tyrannical dictator who only cared about the power of the country over the conditions of the people, in the same way, he had strongly anti-American ideologies.[1]





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