Van Criss Laboratories is a division of Wayne Enterprises, focused on constructing nanites. It was founded by Doctor Van Criss, and has its headquarters in Gotham City.


Some time after 2015, Amanda Waller and ARGUS would purchase the nano-bombs to use on Task Force X, to hold them at bay in the event they go rogue and turn against her.

Attacked by the Joker

After learning of Belle Reve and Task Force X, The Joker and his men head for the Laboratories. They quickly took down the building's security, before cornering Doctor Van Criss in a safe room. The Joker then threatened to kill his wife, who was being held hostage, if he didn't open the door. After Van Criss surrendered, The Joker forced him into helping him disarm the nanite inside Harley Quinn's neck (the latter being in Midway City)

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