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"A good death is its own reward
"A good death is its own reward." ―Faora-Ul, Man of Steel
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"Attacked by a flying vampire."
James Gordon reads a police report describing a parademon kidnapper.[src]

Vampires are bat-like mythological monsters quite known on Earth.


"Come on. You think he fights criminals for 20 years here, and then he goes to Metropolis and kidnaps eight people?"
James Gordon discards Crispus Allen's theories on Batman's involment.[src]

During the War for Earth, many Gotham City residents were kidnapped by parademons sent by Steppenwolf. One police report, later read by Commissioner James Gordon, described the alien as a "flying vampire." Crispus Allen suggested that it could have been Batman, but James discarded the theory due to the long-lived collaboration between the hooded crusader and the Gotham City Police Department.[1]


Vampires are known for drinking blood. Vampire bats are so called due to this tendencies.[2]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In DC Comics vampires exist, including individuals such as Andrew Bennett, known as I, Vampire. In some Elseworld stories, even Batman has become a vampire.


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