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"This city is mine!"
"This city isn't yours. This city isn't ours. This city is theirs."
Starro and Ratcatcher 2[src]

Valle Del Mar[1] is the capital of the South American island nation of Corto Maltese. It is the seat of the Corto Maltese government.

The city was the location of the Nazi-built laboratory Jotunheim, which had contained Project Starfish since after the Cold War. In 2021, the being dubbed Starro broke out from Jotunheim and attacked Valle Del Mar, leading to Task Force X fighting against and killing him.


Execution of the Herreras

The Herrera family is killed in Valle Del Mar.

"A week ago, this guy, General Silvio Luna, along with his right-hand man, Mayor General Mateo Suarez, too control of the Corto Maltese government in a violent military coup. The entire Herrera family were hanged in a public execution."
Amanda Waller[src]

For 100 years, the Herrera family ruled the country of Corto Maltese operating in the capital of Valle Del Mar. In 2021, the country's armed forces led by Silvio Luna carried out a coup to seize power in the country. As a result, the Herrera family was murdered in a public execution in the city where multiple people observed recording.[2]

Rescue of Harley Quinn

"You were gonna save me?"
"With a really good plan too.
Harley Quinn and Rick Flag[src]

After having captured Gaius Grieves in La Gatita Amable, Rick Flag asked the squad to go rescue Harley Quinn who was imprisoned in the palace of Valle Del Mar after having murdered Silvio Luna. After devising a plan, the squad headed to the place to infiltrate stealthily, however Quinn managed to escape on his own by killing the soldiers who were guarding. When Harley called a taxi that was passing, she saw Rick Flag crossing the street. The squad then began the rescue mission, however Harley surprised them by approaching Flag to ask what they were doing, Flag told her that they were about to rescue her. Then Harley happily hugged Flag, and introduced herself with Bloodsport.[2]

Battle of Valle Del Mar

"I was happy... floating... staring at the stars."
Starro to Task Force X[src]

Starro begins to attack Valle Del Mar.

Task Force X, having been sent by Amanda Waller to destroy any record linking the United States to illegal projects at the base of Jotunheim, had to plant bombs that ended with the destruction of the base. However, the destruction ended with the release of the beast Starro after being imprisoned for 30 years. Upon escaping, it began to control many Armed Forces soldiers with its spores, and started to attack the city of Valle Del Mar to destroy it as revenge for its years of torture, causing panic by destroying multiple structures and killing civilians by controlling them with spores.[2]

Bloodsport attacks Starro.

Waller's team helped Task Force X by showing them the safest streets on the city to get to confront Starro. The squad then came face-to-face with Starro while he was attacking a building, so Bloodsport readied his advanced weaponry and began shooting Starro many times as he walked. Starro attempted to kick Bloodsport with his leg, but failing, seeing spore-controlled people approaching, Bloosport would devise a plan to guide the squad. DuBois then led the members of th squad to confront Starro, telling Abner Krill to start shooting explosive moles at Starro, causing him pain. Krill would feel like a great superhero for a small moment before being crushed by Starro, killing him.[2]

WBGS News reports the battle of Valle Del Mar.

DuBois was surrounded by citizens infected with the spores who approached him, so he began to defend himself against them using weapons from his suit. After DuBois saved Cazo from Starro and being surrounded by infected citizens, Cleo Cazo took her rat communicator to call a herd of millions of rats living in Valle Del Mar to attack Starro. The rats cut his veins on his eye, causing Starro to die and all the bodies he controlled fell to the ground. The battle of Valle Del Mar would be recorded and was broadcast on WBGS News internationally, explaining how a group of metahumans defeated the Starro creature in the country.[2]


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