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"A foundation has to be built on something
"A foundation has to be built on something." ―Dru-Zod, Man of Steel
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The utility belt is a specially designed belt worn by Batman. The belt is filled with an arsenal of gadgets, weapons and tools, to aid him in his mission.


Creation and use[]

To be added

Alternate universes[]

Flashpoint Timeline[]

Rescue of Supergirl[]

While fighting Russian Soldiers at Siberia, Batman makes use of his belt gadgets, first pulling out several Batarangs to knock out 6 of the soldiers. Later he throws a smoke capsule to distract them while he and the Barrys escape with Kara Zor-El. After not finding any available exits, Batman uses a sticky bomb to launch him and them up in a broken elevator.

Battle at Edwards Air Force Base[]

During Batman’s fight with Nam-Ek, Batman pulls out 3 sticky bombs from his belt to attach to him before Ek throws him to the ground hard.

Known contents[]

  • Batarangs: Used to maim or distract his enemies, as well as hit targets.
  • Grapple gun: Most used gadget. Used to traverse Gotham City, escape danger and remain hidden from foes.
  • Grenade launcher: To be added
  • Smoke capsules: Used to escape from a battle whenever necessary.
  • Batmobile remote: Used to remotely summon the Batmobile.
  • Respirator mask: Used when Batman needs to go underwater.
  • Branding tool: Used to brand a bat symbol on criminals.
  • Disruptors: To be added
  • Lockpicks: Used to break into locked rooms
  • Rebreather: Used for providing air.
  • Infrared Goggles: Used to detect heat signatures.
  • Handcuffs: To be added
  • Sticky Bombs: Handheld bombs that stick to surfaces.

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