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We've split

By community choice, all content related to the DCU has been split to its own wiki.

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DC Extended Universe Wiki
DC Extended Universe Wiki

Having passed the established time and being voted broadly in favor, finally begins splitting the DCU into its own wiki, the url is "dcstudios", but it will be redirected to "dcuniverse" as soon as possible.

All DCU-specific pages were imported to that wiki, and it will be necessary to download and upload again the images from here, with the same exact title, once all the images of a page have been reuploaded, the page here can be marked to delete.

We have the mission of:

  • Create pages that could not be created on this wiki because they had a DCEU counterpart.
  • Delete all DCU content from this wiki, including removing information on some pages that were not 100% DCU
  • As mentioned above, the most important thing is to reupload all the images, as the images in Fandom are downloaded in webp, I recommend downloading these 2 Chrome extensions that allow you to download webps as png/jpg very easy.
  • Out of respect for communities in other languages, do not delete the red interlinks, as they will surely do a split as well.
  • If you find any page that has been forgotten to import, it will be appreciated if you do notice.

Thanks to all those who will cooperate, your effort is appreciate, either creating the necessary pages in the DCU Wiki, reuploading images, marking pages to delete, etc. Everything on the talk page was taken into account. If we all work together we will achieve the split quickly.

In the coming days or weeks, when we are established and due to the interest that the franchise brings, we will seek to expand the Wiki Staff for the editors more dedicated and committed to the DCU.

A Discord server has been opened and we invite you to join as it will be used for better communication, and the decisions of the wiki editor community will be made there. I leave this blog open to answer any questions or concerns.