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Original Armor

  • Rebreather Helmet: Black Manta used a specialized rebreather helmet that allowed him to easily transition between different pressurized environments while operating in the seas.
  • Wrist Blade: In his left bracer, Manta used a retractable steel blade for close range combat. He attempted to use this against Aquaman.

Upgraded Armor

Black Manta firing optical blasts

Manta's helmet beams.

  • Ocular Cannon: After refitting his suit with the armor and technology given to initially came with a two-handed energy gun with enough firepower to blow apart a small reef, by converting water into ionized plasma. David modified it to fit into the eyes of the suit's helmet, now capable of projecting thick beams of fiery red energy. The sheer power of the lasers required the helmet to be made bigger to prevent it from being melted by the lasers.[1]
  • HUD: The lenses of the helmet also have a built-in augmented reality display system that allows Black Manta to analyze his surroundings.
    • Aquatic Respiration: The helmet allows Black Manta to survive underwater for an undefined amount of time.[1]
  • Jetpack: The suit possesses a jetpack and thrusters on the boots that allow Black Manta to propel himself at high speeds in water as well as jump large distances.[1]
  • Atlantean Steel Wrist Blade: Manta's left gauntlet houses a retractable blade made from Atlantean steel, capable of damaging Highborn Atlanteans such as Aquaman. The blade is lighter and more aerodynamic than his original.[1]
  • Electrified Harpoon Cable: A high-velocity harpoon capable of generating enough electricity to stun Aquaman. Black Manta used this to stun Aquaman during their second encounter.[1]

First, do you think there is already an event called Second Invasion of Earth in Battle for Earth? If not, maybe we can make it together.

Second, can you help me create these wanted event pages to be created that were in the movies?

Man of Steel: Attack on the Council of Five, and Attack on the House of El Citadel.

Suicide Squad: Capture of El Diablo.

Wonder Woman: Battle of Veld‏‎, Battle of No Man's Land,‏ and Battle at the Gas Base‏‎.

Justice League: Second Invasion of Earth‏‎ ,and Rescue at the Courthouse.

Aquaman: Coronation of Arthur Curry‏‎, Attack on the Lighthouse, Attack on the Council of Kings, and Capture of Arthur Curry‏‎.

And these: Battle of Passchendaele and Creation of Man and the Amazons.

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