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Hey, peeps, my name is Jamael and I'm a frequent editor on the wiki. I'm also an editor for The Magicians Wiki and Marvel's Cinematic Universe Wiki, I look forward to filling out his website with the rest of you, and hope we can all enjoy what DC's movies have to offer! See Ya!

My Rankings of the DCEU Heroes

My Rankings of the DCEU's Villains

Favorite Items

To Do

Categories are separated by levels of importance
(Critical takes precedence over all non-critical items).

General Changes

  1. Images: The wiki is severely lacking in images for articles, both for presentation and in general selection. Upload screencaps and stills, as well as BTS and official concept art for the wiki.
    1. Create Gallery pages for the universe.
  2. Cleanup: A number of articles need maintenance. This includes redundant ones (see 20 Amazons) as well as orphaned pages. Old articles need to be properly updated.
    1. Expansion: A number of articles are either stubs our otherwise lacking I'm adequate information.
  3. Cast and Crew: The DCEU is home to a number of talented people, not all which have been given proper recognition. This includes Minor Characters, and the Crew members of every DCEU released production.
  4. Research and Development: Due to the recent arrival of rumors, as well as information leaks, it's only appropriate to create pages worth handling them. Rumor pages, possibly.
  5. Powers and Abilities: Fix on all pages. Batman needs severe shortening.

Critical Changes

  • Batman: The article's Personality section is almost entirely based on speculation and his comic counterpart. Needs critical editing to reflect his history within the DC Extended Universe.
  • All character articles need correction under numerous sections, primarily Biography and Personality.
  • All character articles need formatting as per discussed standards.
  • All character articles need proper categorization - character articles are categorized as Characters automatically. (Not too sure why this needs to be done so late in the wiki's history)
  • Galleries need to be added. The wiki is almost entirely a block of text with sprinklings of pictures here and there.

Current Projects


  • Superman personality rewrite
  • Wonder Woman personality rewrite
  • Batman personality rewrite
  • Flash personality reformat
  • Aquaman personality reformat
  • Cyborg personality rewrite


  • Character gallery pages
  • Item article additions
  • Categories
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