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This is my cousin... Barry
"This is my cousin... Barry." ―Barry Allen, The Flash
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"But before the Unity could synchronize, the defenders of Earth attacked and fought as one. Amazons alongside Atlanteans. Zeus and his son Ares alongside the guardians from the sky. A golden age of heroes fighting together to defend life on Earth."
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The Unity of Earth was a temporary alliance between the intelligent races of Earth created to defeat the forces of Apokolips during Darkseid's first attempted invasion of the planet.


The Alliance[]

Earth's people unite to combat Steppenwolf's invasion
Darkseid Vs Unity of Earth

When a powerful tyrant named Darkseid came to Earth to lay waste and terraform it with the power of the Mother Boxes, he also discovered his most sought after prize: the Anti-Life Equation. To prevent him from accomplishing his goal, all of the forces of Earth formed an alliance to defeat the armies of Apokolips. The Amazons were the first to charge into battle, led by Hippolyta and Antiope. The Atlanteans, led by their king, hearing of the war for the fate of all life, joined the fight, along with the multiple races of humans bringing their fighting prowess together with the Amazons to bring the war to equal footing. Help also arrived from other worlds through the Green Lantern Corps, who sent at least one of its members to assist Earth's defenders in the form of Yalan Gur, and from the Old Gods themselves, with Zeus personally leading the fight against Darkseid, and his fellow Old Gods Ares and Artemis joining him.[1]

JL-History Lesson-Artemis-2

The Amazons, Atlanteans, and humans charged together against the Parademons, with Amazon general Antiope leading a charge against them, killing several. Yalan Gur then joined the fray personally, using his powers to clear the skies of Parademons. The Old Gods also joined in the fight at this point, with Artemis using her powers as the Goddess of The Hunt, Zeus by shooting powerful bolts of divine lightning, and Ares using his skills as the God of War.[1]

United and Victorious[]

The fight was long and hard, with many lives claimed by death. Yalan Gur was killed by Darkseid, but as the New God was distracted by Gur's Power Ring, he was assaulted by Atlan and Artemis. Left dazed by the power of Atlan's trident, Zeus struck the New God with his lightning and forced him on the defensive, allowing Ares to land a critical blow that severely wounded him, the injury nearly killing him, while the remaining Parademons were overwhelmed by the armies. As Darkseid was forced to retreat, Zeus struck the Unity with his lightning and broke them apart into the Mother Boxes.

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With Darkseid and his armies held back, the alliance honoured their dead and found the three Mother Boxes unwillingly deserted by the Apokoliptian forces. Deeming them too dangerous to be kept together, the Mother Boxes were then separated; one was given to the Atlanteans, one to the Amazons, and one to the humans. The Mother Boxes given to the Atlanteans and Amazons were sealed and guarded in strongholds that were specifically built for holding those Mother Boxes. The box that was given to the humans was then buried by the leaders of the human tribes.[2]


Justice League (Zack Snyder's Justice League)

The Justice League

With the war won, the unity was swiftly disbanded, but the harmony made from it would come to an end an unknown amount of time later; Ares declared war on the other Old Gods, killing them all, and nearly killing Zeus, but was injured gravely himself. Before his death, Zeus created Themyscira as a sanctuary for the Amazons and entrusted the God Killer to the Amazons, predicting that Ares would return, but forbid the Amazons from leaving Themyscira.[3] The Atlanteans were forced to adapt under the sea when their kingdom of Atlantis was struck by disaster by a failed experiment involving the Trident of Atlan.[4] Mankind soon forgot about the events, their descendants believing the people they once allied with to be nothing more than myths and legends, and leaving them squabbling against themselves.[1]


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