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"To conquer, three boxes have to synchronize and join together into the Unity. The Unity cleanses a planet with fire, transforming it into a copy of the enemy's home world."
Wonder Woman[src]

The Unity refers to the synchronization of three Mother Boxes, resulting in the terraformation of a planet in the image of Apokolips.


Long ago, Darkseid attempted to form the Unity on Earth upon discovering that it contained the Anti-Life Equation. The New God was thwarted by an alliance of Amazons, Atlanteans and humans, who fought alongside the Old Gods and even a Green Lantern. The Mother Boxes were then hidden following the invasion, separate and, in the case of the Amazonian and Atlantean boxes, protected. Humanity ultimately buried their Mother Box to ensure that no one would use it power against each other. However, this Mother Box was later discovered during World War I and fell into the possession of S.T.A.R. Labs many decades later.

The Unity in the Mother Box - Zack Snyder's Justice League

Millennia later, Steppenwolf tried to form the Unity to appease Darkseid, in return for having betrayed him long ago. This time, the Unity was successful, but only for a moment as time would then be reversed by the Flash moving beyond the speed of light through the Speed Force. The Unity was thus thwarted again by the newly formed Justice League in 2017, resulting in Steppenwolf's demise. Following Steppenwolf's demise, Darkseid promised to return and take the planet through the old ways, while also seeking to obtain the Anti-Life Equation.[1]