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The United States Air Force is one of the five divisions of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.


Showdown in Smallville

In 2013, prior to the Black Zero Event, the United States Air Force lead by Col. Nathan Hardy, rushed to Smallville, Kansas as the Sword of Rao clashed with Kal-El in a Kryptonian conflict that devastated the small town.

After many casualties, Kal-El (now dubbed "Superman") would prevail, inducing Sub-commander Faora-Ul and her ally Nam-Ek to retreat.[1]

Showdown in Gotham Port

2 years later, when Doomsday emerged from the Fortress of Solitude near Heroes Park in Metropolis, the USAF arrived to help battle the monster while Superman was incapacitated. Unfortunately, Doomsday proved too much for the military force and the USAF was overwhelmed and suffered many casualties as Doomsday emitted an enormous burst to heal himself from damage.[2]


Former Members


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