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"You're a terrible father."
"Hey, I don't want to be a father."
"I know, I know, you made that perfectly clear."
―Tyla and Robert DuBois[src]

Tyla DuBois is the daughter of Robert DuBois, the assassin better known as Bloodsport, who was formerly incarcerated at Belle Reve and a member of Task Force X.


Early life[]

Tyla Dubois was born in 2004 as the daughter of Robert DuBois and an unnamed mother, as the mother surprised Robert even though he did not want to be a father. As a child, Tyla witnessed the toxic relationship of her parents to the point where they separated, generating in Tyla a rejection by her father while her mother died from unknown causes.[2]

Visiting her Father[]

"My court date is coming up, and Miss Waller said maybe you could help me out."
―Tyla to Robert DuBois[src]

Robert DuBois was eventually imprisoned on Belle Reve after attempting to assassinate Superman with a Kryptonite bullet, while Tyla would get in trouble for stealing a smartwatch that could broadcast television, so a trial against Tyla Dubois was to take place.[2]

Tyla and her father discuss

Tyla DuBois and her father discuss.

Amanda Waller took the opportunity to manipulate her to convince her father to join Task Force X in exchange for helping with the trial. Tyla visited the prison her father was in, where they argued over the theft of the watch in a violent and aggressive manner, considered by Robert to be a stupid theft, until Tyla explained her situation with Waller. After the meeting, Robert confronted Waller in rage for manipulating his daughter, finally, DuBois had to accept the proposal and join Task Force X.[2]

Watching Her Father on Action[]

"That's my dad."
―Tyla DuBois[src]
Tyla sees her father on TV

Tyla DuBois sees her father on TV.

A few days later, Tyla DuBois was in an orphanage, where she watched on television how her father fought in the squad to defeat Starro in Corto Maltese, so she was astonished by her father's actions, emphasizing being her daughter to the other people in the place.[2]


―Tyla and Robert DuBois[src]

Tyla DuBois has a huge hatred towards her father Robert for being a criminal, and for all the horrible things he did to her and her mother, since Robert who did not want to have a daughter and ended up with Tyla's mother, leaving them in a bad situation, besides not having helped her when her mother passed away.[2]


  • Skilled thief: Tyla tried to steal a smart watch for her father but was caught.





  • Tyla DuBois' year of birth roughly matches the year given for Zoe Lawton, who served a similar role in the prior film Suicide Squad. This may have something to do with how earlier plans indicated that Idris Elba would be recast in the role of Deadshot before he was later confirmed to be playing Bloodsport.


  1. The events of The Suicide Squad take place in the year 2020. In the film, Tyla DuBois is confirmed to be 16 years of age. Because of this, she must have been born in the year 2004.
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