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This is my cousin... Barry
"This is my cousin... Barry." ―Barry Allen, The Flash
The title of this article is conjectural as this subject has no known canonical name in the DC Extended Universe.
For alternate versions of Tom Curry's dog, see Tom Curry's dog's Character Hub.

"Uh... I was gonna make you some eggs. Just don't eat my dog, okay?"
Thomas Curry to Atlanna[src]

This golden retriever dog was owned by Thomas Curry in his lighthouse during the 1980s.


The dog was young when Thomas met Atlanna, and continued to live with them as they raised their newborn Arthur Curry. When Orvax's soldiers found where Atlanna was living, the dog was the first to notice their approach, alerting the family by barking. It ran away as the soldiers attacked, and so presumably lived a full life with Thomas and Arthur after Atlanna left.[1]





  • In the DC Comics universe, Arthur owns a Golden Retriever named Salty, a loyal pet shared with Mera. Salty was rescued from the menacing creatures known as the Trench.