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The Titans are a race of incredibly ancient and powerful supernatural beings. They are notably the Parents of the Old Gods.



At some point in time, the Titans and the Old Gods battled without rest for over a period of ten years. However, the Old Gods eventually won the conflict.[1]

At some point, Atlas, a Titan who possessed immense stamina[2] was known to have his powers transferred to the wizard Shazam, which was granted centuries later to Billy Batson and the Shazam Family by Shazam.[3] It is also known that Atlas was slain by Shazam.


After the death of Zeus and the other Old Gods by Ares, the Titans took over Olympus and ruled with a heavy hand. This led the humans to rebel against them and the council of magicians to take away their powers. After draining the magic of Olympus, the wizard Shazam erected a barrier between the realm of the Gods and the human realm, enclosing the surviving Gods and Titans.

Prometheus' punishment[]

"The word 'philanthropist' comes from the Greek, meaning 'a lover of humanity'. It was coined about twenty-five hundred years ago. Prometheus went with us, and ruined Zeus' plan to destroy Mankind and for that, he was given the thunderbolt. Choo!"
Lex Luthor[src]

According to Greek mythology, the titan Prometheus, who watched mankind suffer, decided to gift them with the knowledge of fire. For this act he was punished by Zeus to a tremendous torture: he was chained to a rock and every night an eagle would had come to eat his liver.[4]


Millenia after Atlas' death, his daughters Hespera, Anthea, and Kalypso sought to recover their father's stamina from the Shazam Family and to restore their home realm using the Golden Apple.

After Billy broke the magical staff, the Olympus barrier was broken allowing the sisters to descend from heaven to earth to put their plan into action.

While their objective was mostly successful, Kalypso also intended to terraform the Earth into their home realm. When Hespera and Anthea objected, Kalypso mortally wounded Hespera and depowered Anthea before planting the Golden Apple and attacking Philadelphia with an army of mythical creatures. However, Billy defeated Kalypso, with aid from Hespera, albeit at the cost of his own life. Later, after Billy's revival, Anthea's powers were restored with the Wizard's repaired staff.[5]


The titans have a physiology very similar to that of their sons the Old Gods, however it is unknown if they can also be killed by other titans or if they need worship to acquire more power.

Like the gods, the titans have magical powers linked to different aspects of nature, but the titans are more linked primordial powers itself such as time, the elements, the stars,the chaos,the space and reality itself.

Like the gods, the titans can have divine or semi-divine offspring, since Atlas had 3 daughters, all immortal and with divine powers, Hespera, Kalypso, and Anthea.

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