Time Out Shortlist Gotham and Metropolis is a two-part guide book released in association with Turkish Airlines and Time Out Group as a tie-in for the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was released on February 16, 2016.






  • Wayne Enterprises
    • Wayne Aerospace
    • Wayne Biotech
    • Wayne Chemicals
    • Wayne Foundation
    • Wayne Technologies
    • Wayne Foods
  • Ace Chemicals
  • Bryant Chemical Works
  • Gotham City Police Department
  • Gotham River Ferry Authority
  • Gotham Taxi Commission
  • Gotham Historical Society
  • Gotham True Crime
  • Gotham City Wireless
  • Gotham Freepress
  • Gotham Guardsmen
  • Gotham State University Wildcats
  • Gotham Goliaths
  • Gotham Blades
  • Gotham City Philharmonic
  • Gem Electronics
  • LexCorp
  • Kord Industries
  • Metropolis Monarchs
  • Metropolis Mammoths
  • Metropolis Metros
  • Metropolis Port Authority
  • Metropolis Rail Authority
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