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"When everyone feels like they are getting screwed, the market is probably inefficient."
―Thomas Kord[src]

Thomas Kord was the founder of the company Kord Industries.


Kord was known to claim that the real estate industry was one of the last sectors of the American economy that had yet to be transformed by data and technology. In his conversations with buyers, sellers, developers and agents of the real estate industry, Kord claimed that they felt they were getting the short end of the stick. A position that Kord took to mean was a good sign that the real estate market was truly inefficient.

Reportedly inspired by Lex Luthor's example of coming to the aid of Metropolis' businesses, Kord decided to expand his business following the Kryptonian invasion of Earth by establishing a branch of Kord Industries in Metropolis in 2013 during the rebuilding of the city following General Dru-Zod's defeat.[1]

At some point, Thomas Kord passed away. While his daughter Victoria Kord believed that Kord Industries would fall under her leadership, it was instead given to Kord's other child Ted.[2]


  • Genius-level intellect: As the leader of the former largest tech conglomerate Kord Industries, it is obvious that Thomas Kord is an extraordinarily intelligent to where he can be considered to be perhaps the second most intelligent human in the world, under only Lex Luthor, who would surpass his company with his advancements of Lexcorp, and still maintaining a considerable superiority over the directors of the 3 lower companies in the ranking of the key players of high technology defense innovation, such as the Queen Industries CEO, and the well-known genius Bruce Wayne, while also surpassing the director of the third place company Simon Stagg.
    • Master leader: Thomas Kord must be an extraordinary leader, having lead and spearheaded Kord Industries for two decades with tremendous efficiency, securing the top spot until Lexcorp surpassed his company and maintaining dominance over the other highly-ranked companies through the entire world.
    • Master businessman: Thomas Kord is an extraordinarily brilliant genius businessman, having successfully spearheaded Kord Industries into becoming the world's foremost company in high-technology defense innovation for over two decades, until they were eventually surpassed by LexCorp Industries. Nevertheless, Kord Industries remained as the world's 2nd leading company in high-technology defense innovation after only LexCorp and continued to far surpass Wayne Enterprises, Geschäft-Krieg, and Queen Industries as well as being slightly above Stagg Industries, amassing an immense amount of wealth ($7 million), and impressive amount of contracts, especially in investment ones (Which was noted to be slightly superior to Stagg's own).



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