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"If God existed, wouldn't this be proof that he wasn't good at all? Oh, please, unclench your fucking pearls, Flag. We serve the same master."
―Thinker to Rick Flag[src]

Gaius Grieves[1] was a hyperintelligent metahuman scientist known as the Thinker. He was used as one of the top scientists of Corto Maltese dictator General Presidente Luna to help develop Project Starfish. Later, he was captured by Task Force X and forced to join them in their fight against Luna and his project.[2] Fueled by self-preservation, Grieves led Task Force X to Jotunheim, where they accidentally released Starro the Conqueror, who killed Grieves for imprisoning it.


Early life[]

Affiliation with Jotunheim[]

"The United States made a secret deal with the Corto Maltese government to conduct their illegal experiments here, in Jotunheim. And they hired me to oversee them."
―Thinker to Rick Flag[src]
Young Thinker

A young Gaius Grieves in Jotunheim.

Gaius Grieves was hired as a chief scientist at Jotunheim and experimented on Starro. He served under the Herrera Family in developing the powerful Project Starfish around the creature and its abilities. He was cruel as Starro's captor, unnecessarily torturing the alien and its hosts in multiple experiments. It is implied he sexually abused Starro or its captives as well, as one host stated Grieves "had his way" with them. Eventually, Grieves would start frequenting La Gatita Amable club in the city of Valle Del Mar.[2]

Targeted by Task Force X[]

Dealing with Silvio Luna[]

"But as I noted, I've been working with the beast for thirty years. And there's no one but me capable of controlling it."
"Well, then, welcome to the team."
―Gaius Grieves and Silvio Luna[src]

In August 2020, the Corto Maltese Armed Forces led by Silvio Luna would carry out a coup, assassinating the Herrera family in a public execution and taking power in the country, being from a completely anti-American party. A week later, in retaliation, Amanda Waller sent Task Force X to kidnap Gaius Grieves and force him to destroy all records of the Project Starfish.

Thinker explains to Luna the Project Starfish

Thinker explains to Luna the Project Starfish.

Meanwhile, Silvio Luna contacted Grieves to discuss about the Project Starfish. At the meeting, Mateo Suarez mocked Thinker's brain, so Thinker responded ironically, making Suarez angry, Luna stopped Mateo telling him to behave. Thinker continued explaining the Project and its history with videos of his meeting with NASA, finally Thinker told them that the creature was hidden in Jotunheim.

Thinker deals with Silvio Luna

Gaius Grieves forges an alliance with Silvio Luna.

Then, Gaius Grieves accompanied Silvio Luna and the Armed Forces to see the creature that remained hidden on the base to take possession on it. When Luna saw a potential to take over the world using the beast as a weapon, Grieves explained that he was the only person who could control the creature, so Luna greeted him with a handshake to forge an alliance with the new government, in that moment Luna retired to meet the prisoner Harley Quinn.[2]

Kidnapped by Task Force X[]

Task Force X in La Gatita Amable promotional still

Task Force X kidnapping Gaius Grieves in La Gatita Amable.

"That is a gun, so smile. We're old mates and we're gonna take a trip to Jotunheim."
"Even with my help, do you really think you can get into Jotunheim?"
―Gaius Grieves and Robert DuBois[src]

The following night, Grieves would visit La Gatita Amable club where Task Force X awaited his arrival, Bloodsport would approach him to threaten him with a pistol to force them to go to Jotunheim and let them enter. When leaving the place, the soldiers of the armed forces would arrive in search of the Americans who arrived in the country.

Thinker is kidnaped by Cazo and Krill

Thinker is taken to the truck by Cazo and Krill.

Consequently, Bloodsport would ask Cleo Cazo and Abner Krill to take Gaius Grieves to the truck using the back doors and threatening him with the pistol, while DuBois, Smith and Flag would surrender to the soldiers. Then the group would go through a bathroom of employees scaring some naked women, when Milton left he would assure them while Thinker spoke loudly to try to generate noise, finally Cazo threatened to put a dozen rats in his ass and the group escaped in the truck.

DuBois's group would manage to escape from the armed forces by crashing the truck in which they were transported and killing the soldiers, captured Thinker would see the squad captured with handcuffs to meet again, while planning a mission in search of Harley Quinn.

Grieves is forced to listen to the squad's plans

Grieves is forced to listen to the Squad's plans.

After having found Quinn, the squad would take Thinker over a building where they would explain their mission and how he was to help them enter. Thinker warned them that there were cameras everywhere at the base, so Cazo explained that he had already taken care of them with the help of the rats, then the squad would continue explaining while Grieves saw the mission as a suicide, so Rick Flag replied that that was their specialty.[2]

Infiltration in Jotunheim[]

"Child, your government didn't sent you here to protect the world from alien technology. Your government send you here to cover up their part in it."
―Gaius Grieves to Cleo Cazo[src]
Peacemaker shoves Thinker's face into the retinal scan

Peacemaker shoves Thinker's face into the retinal scan.

The squad then headed in the truck towards the entrances of the Jotunheim bases, where Grieves was forced to accompany them, as a heavy rain stalked towards the gates, making it easier for Task Force X to enter, killing multiple guards and arriving to the base, but alerting more soldiers who started chasing them. After they get through the first guards, Peacemaker shoves the Thinker's face into the retinal scan in order to enter Jotunheim.

Thinker shows his experiments to the squad

Thinker shows his experiments to the Squad

Inside the building the squad forced Grieves to take them to the floor where the creature was, upon arriving Task Force X sees the numerous victims of Grieves' experiments, consisting of dissidents and journalists opposing the Herrera regime that have been used as test subjects in Project Starfish. These captives - all possessed by Starro - plead with Task Force X, revealing that Grieves has tortured and "had his way" with them.

Thinker discuss with Rick Flag

Grieves tells Flag the truth

Grieves then divulges that Corto Maltese secretly worked with the American government to study Project Starfish, with Peacemaker having been sent by Amanda Waller to cover up evidence of said collusion. Suddenly, the explosives placed throughout Jotunheim go off earlier than expected, disrupting the confrontation between the Thinker and Task Force X, and shattering the glass window overseeing Starro's enormous cell.[2]

Killed by Starro[]

"Okay, let's all just calm down. Please let's talk about this. I crossed the line. OK, I CROSSED THE LINE! I REALIZE IT, BUT I'M READY TO CHANGE! I AM READY TO CHANGE! I DIDN'T MEAN TO HURT YOU!"
―Gaius Grieves' last words to Starro[src]
Starro kills Thinker

Starro kills the Thinker

With Jotunheim in ruins on the verge of collapse, and Starro's confinement at an end, Gaius Grieves has just enough time to realize what has happened before Starro's tendrils shoot out from the shattered window and wrap around Grieves, who is dragged into the former's cell, leaving trails of blood from his fingers in a vain attempt to hold on to the floor. Brought before Starro, Grieves desperately tries to diffuse the situation by promising to change, only to have one of his arms and legs ripped off. Starro then throws the Thinker's body at a window hard enough for it to splatter on the glass upon impact.[2]


"Your people have always been squeamish about the sacrifices necessary for scientific advancement."
―The Thinker to Rick Flag[src]

The Thinker appeared to be sly and manipulative, sleazy, self-preserving, and intelligent. He attempted to play to the weaknesses of Task Force X, and was reluctant to join them as he valued his life and didn't want to die, hinting that every action he took was for his own gain.

The Thinker also appeared to be sadistic and cruel, shown through his experiments conducted on Starro. Thinker had tortured Starro for decades, mutilating and, as claimed by Starro, having his way with it, which he himself never denied. However, once the tables had turned and Thinker was at Starro's mercy, he was shown to be extremely cowardly and attempted to beg for his life. Starro ignored this and promptly killed its torturer.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Superhuman intelligence: The Thinker had extreme intelligence and incredible problem-solving skills. The electronics embedded in his head supposedly amplified his cognition, though this was stated in jest, so the accuracy of this claim cannot be determined. He was a geneticist and a master tactician, as well as extremely knowledgeable.[3]


  • Bilingualism: The Thinker was fluent in English and Spanish.


"All that shit in your face, is to make your brain good?"
"Yes. Makes my brain good."
Mateo Suarez and Thinker[src]
  • Brain enhancers: Thinker has several electrical diodes and antennas that connect with his brain, possibly to enhance his intelligence.[3]




Behind the Scenes[]


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