The Themyscira Armory is a fortified tower which holds all of the Amazons' most valuable treasures, mainly weapons.[1]


"The Gods gave us many gifts. One day you will know them all. This great tower is where we keep them."
Hippolyta to a young Diana[src]To be added

It is unknown whether the armory existed upon Themyscira's creation or whether it was built later, but in either case it held some of the Amazons' greatest treasures for thousands of years.

At some point during her daughter's adolescence, Queen Hippolyta took Princess Diana to the armory to show her daughter the great treasures held within, including the sword referred to as the God Killer.

Shortly after the arrival of Steve Trevor to Themyscira, and determined to help him stop World War I, Diana snuck into the tower to retrieve the Lasso of Hestia, the God Killer, and her signature armor and shield for her journey into Man's World.


Diana grabbing the God Killer

Diana taking the God Killer from the courtyard of the armory

Unlike most of the other structures on Themyscira, the armory is very enclosed and easily defendable. Its main and only official entrance consists of heavy wooden doors and decorated with bas-reliefs depicting Amazonian history.[2] It does, however, have several open windows near its top, which when climbed allow for access into the tower.

The armory itself consists of many rooms that circle a central courtyard, where the God Killer and its elaborate casing are located.[1]

Items held within

  • God Killer (removed 1918)
  • Wonder Woman's armor (removed 1918)
  • Lasso of Hestia (removed 1918)
  • Wonder Woman's shield (removed 1918)
  • Golden girdle


  • Production designer Aline Bonetto described the tower as having "been built to be the safest place on Themyscira."[2]
  • When considering its design, Bonetto wanted the armory to stand in contrast to the other buildings of Themyscira, to be "enclosed," "efficient," and "masculine." She also envisioned it as representative of "a link between the earth and sky, the Amazons and the Gods."[2]


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