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"She'll always be alive somewhere in time. Always. Just not for us
"She'll always be alive somewhere in time. Always. Just not for us." ―Flash, The Flash
This article is about a project that has been canceled or has otherwise not been in production for a significant period of time.
For the species, see Trench.

The Trench is a cancelled film based on the DC Comics savage underwater species of the same name. It was to be a spin-off of Aquaman and an installment of the DC Extended Universe.[1]






Sentient species[]



On February 8, 2019, Warner Bros. announced that they were developing an Aquaman spin-off titled The Trench. Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald were hired to write a horror-themed screenplay, while Aquaman director James Wan and Peter Safran were attached as producers to the project. The Trench is expected to be more modestly budgeted compared to other DC films, and will be set in the Kingdom of the Trench. None of the main cast members from Aquaman will be featured.[1]

During a fan interaction on Twitter on March 20, 2020, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, writer of Aquaman and its sequel, revealed that the film would most likely take place between the first and second Aquaman films, though the details were still being worked out.[2]

On April 1, 2021, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed The Trench would not be moving forward for the time being, but that the creative team behind it would return if the studio decided to move forward with the project again.[3]

On October 2021, when asked by a fan, James Wan revealed this film would've had Black Manta as the lead.[4]