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"The weapons of men draw no blood from our kind. The only thing that extinguishes magic is magic."
―Thaddeus Sivana to Billy Batson[src]

Thaddeus Sivana is an inventor, scientist, and former employee of Sivana Industries who was summoned by the wizard Shazam as a child, but was not chosen as his champion, leading Sivana to spend his entire life trying to unlock the secrets of magic.

After discovering Billy Batson was the wizard's new champion, Sivana entered a pursuit for him in an attempt to steal his powers with help from the Seven Deadly Sins, but was ultimately defeated and imprisoned by Batson and his family.


Early life

Young Sivana meets wizard.

"I dedicated my life to getting here. I scoured the Earth. No one believed me. No one helped. Not the wizard. Not my family. I only had myself."
―Thaddeus Sivana to Billy Batson[src]

In 1974, young Thaddeus Sivana was in a car with his father and brother when he was whisked away by the wizard Shazam as a candidate for his champion. Thaddeus attempted to take the Wizard's staff but was quickly tempted by the corruption of the Seven Sins of Men, causing the Wizard to reject him and send him back to the car. In his confusion and frustration, he made a scene and caused a car crash that crippled his father. After the accident, his father belittled him even more than before. This led to his obsession with magic, spending his life searching for ways to gain the abilities he was denied as a child.[2][1]

Teaming up with the Deadly Sins

Getting revenge

"You seek a pure soul, old man, but no one's worthy."
―Thaddeus Sivana to Shazam[src]

After being rejected by the power of the Wizard and due to him being talked down to by his father and brother most of his life, it caused Sivana to spend most of his time obsessed with finding the passage to enter Rock of Eternity to gain powers. Over time, he became one of the smartest beings on the planet and a scientist working for his family's company Sivana Industries, though he was still talked down by his family who didn't make him a member of the board of directors.

He funded Dr. Lynn Crosby's research and interviewed hundreds of people who were approached by the Wizard to become their champion but they all failed, hoping to figure out how to summon the Rock of Eternity while under the guise of studying "mass hysteria". After a recent interview and watching the video the woman recorded showing the symbols' appearance on her alarm clock seven times, Sivana finally cracked the code.

Sivana sees Doctor die.

Writing the symbols on his old door from when he was a kid seven times, he finally was able to get access to the Rock of Eternity. While telling Dr. Crosby about the symbols and how the stories all those people they founded were true, she still didn't believe them and went to touch the symbols on the door, which disintegrated her. Sivana walked through the door entering the realm, upon arrival, the Wizard questioned who he was and how he got there.

Sivana recalled the time he was at the realm when he was a child, in doing so the wizard remembered who he was and demanded he leaves saying he can't have the power because he was not worthy. Sivana retaliated by agreeing that he was not pure and took the Eye of Sin that was used to keep the Seven Deadly Sins imprisoned in their statue-like state. The sins then broke free from their statue prisons and entered Sivana's body through the Eye of Sin, which was then jammed into the doctor's right eye. The wizard attempted to stop him, but the now empowered Sivana blasted him, knocking him down. During the battle, unbeknownst to him, the container holding Mister Mind broke and he escaped.[2]

Massacre at Sivana Industries

Thad showing the Sins to his father.

Leaving the realm, he arrived at his father's company, Sivana Industries. Upon arriving at a board meeting, Sivana locked the doors to the room and threw his brother out the window killing him. After showing his strength he grew from the Sins, Sivana unleashed the Sins on the other board members ruthlessly killing them all except for his father, to gloat to him showing him what "real power" is but one of the sins alerted Sivana that the wizard had chosen a new champion to which Sivana demands to know where he is. Determining that his father's sin is Greed, he directed that demon to kill his father as he left the office.[2]

Confronting Shazam

Sivana confronting Billy Batson.

"You grovel like a child."
"That’s because I am one. I’m a kid. You don’t wanna hurt a kid do you?
―Thaddeus Sivana and Shazam[src]

Entering the elevator, an advertisement began talking about the family which angered him and he broke the screen. Sometime later after trying to find the whereabouts of this new champion, he found him making a show in the streets for money and accidentally caused a bus to almost crash off the highway. Flying to this champion, he demanded the power the wizard gave him, which he didn't understand mistaking him for a fan.[3]

Annoyed, Sivana demonstrated his strength to him by punching him into the air and crashing into a police car. Injured, Shazam got up from the car as Sivana revealed the only thing that can hurt magic is magic, Billy then punched Sivana in the groin which angered him so he choked Shazam and lifted him to the air which frightens him. He apologizes for hitting him in his groin multiple times, this made Sivana question who he is because he sounded like a child. Shazam claimed that he was ideally underage. Being entirely oblivious to Shazam's age mutation that came with his magic, Sivana hurled him out of the air after he pathetically dared him into having the heart to kill a minor.

Sivana fights Shazam.

To Sivana's surprise, Shazam awakened his power of flight at the last second, prompting him to charge at him and smash him through the road leading them into a mall. As the battle continued, Sivana's experience with magic and ruthless determination proved to both be significant advantages for him. Unleashing a torrent of energy, Sivana finally cornered Shazam and repeated his request to turn his powers over to him. He was then caught off guard by a blinding bolt of lightning, as Shazam had reverted to the teenage self Sivana was unaware of, allowing his prey to blend in with the fleeing bystanders.

Searching for Shazam but being unable to find him, Sivana ran into Freddy Freeman, remembering the boy's connection with Shazam when he saw them interacting on live television. Sivana captured Freddy and demanded Shazam's whereabouts.[2]

Skirmish in the Rock of Eternity

Sivana opens a gateway to the Rock of Eternity.

Thaddeus Sivana's endeavor to use Freddy to track down the latter's foster family succeeded, and he moved to take them hostage. However, he promised to them go if he gave him what he wanted. Shazam, who was their foster brother, arrived and willingly abided to his demands. Sivana proceeded to create a spell on one of the doors that transported them to the Rock of Eternity in which the two left the Vasquez household. The two arrived at the site where the Council of Wizards held counsel as Sivana picked up the Wizard's staff. He commanded Billy to hold the staff and say the wizard's name as the Seven Deadly Sins watched them. Billy passed on his observations that the Sins don't have his best interests at heart but Sivana ignored him. They were interrupted by Mary Bromfield, Darla Dudley, Pedro Peña, Eugene Choi, and Freddy, who used the still active portal to follow them and demanded that Sivana release their brother, striking the back of his head with Freddy's Batarang. Sivana then recalled the Sins into himself, healing his wound, causing Shazam to realize he is only powerful when the demons are within him. He attempted to advance on the interlopers only for Shazam to strike Sivana with a supercharged Batarang, incapacitating him. Managing to recover, Sivana pursued the foster siblings.[2]

Battle in Chilladelphia Winter Carnival

"Enough games, boy! You think a pack of children can... You will beg for mercy as I feast on your heart, slow... I will have the world eating out of the palm of my hand... Only I have the power to unleash..."
―Thaddeus Sivana[src]

Christmas Village attack.

The siblings escaped to a carnival, but Sivana tracked them down by tracking a bolt of lightning unleashed into the sky by his enemy. Sivana baits Shazam into facing him again by threatening innocent people and is shocked when his punch is blocked and he is tossed down to the pavement, the boy having started to tap further into his power. Out of nowhere, Mary Bromfield fired at him with a carnival gun, only for him to catch the projectile. Not wanting to be outmatched, Sivana has the sins again take his siblings hostage and threatens immediate death to Darla if he attempts any further resistance. While distracted by the Sins returning to his body, Shazam knocks Sivana down and turned his siblings into superheroes by holding the staff and having them say "Shazam!". Shazam breaks the staff in front of a confused Sivana, who then tries to kill Darla when she mouths off to him, but misses.

Sivana confronts Billy.

Sivana then unleashes the Sins to fight the siblings while he again fights Shazam himself, enraged beyond endurance at having been permanently deprived of the Wizard's power. After chasing his archenemy through the sky, Sivana began threatening Shazam and claiming it would take more than a group of juveniles to save him, only for his opponent to taunt him for his monologue before lunging at him. They unleashed discharges of energy upon each other, but they were too evenly matched. Realizing this, Sivana repeated a move from earlier, seizing Shazam in a chokehold and rocketing them both into the air. However, this move would not work a second time: unintimidated, Shazam grabbed his face and the two struggled.


Landing on a rooftop, Sivana prepared to resume the fight, but Shazam outwitted him by goading the last sin; Envy into leaving the Eye of Sin, causing Sivana to lose his powers and fall off the roof. Being merciful, Shazam grabbed a powerless Sivana and dragged him back into the carnival to remove the Eye of Sin, trapping the sins within it and defeating the doctor.[2]


Sivana trying in vain to get back to the Rock of Eternity.

Sivana was then sent to Rock Falls Penitentiary, where he spent his time scribbling symbols in fruitless attempts to reenter the Rock of Eternity. Mister Mind, a creature he had unwittingly freed near the beginning of his campaign, arrived in his cell and proposed an alliance with him, an idea which Sivana put into consideration.[2]


"Do you know what it's like for a child to be told you'll never amount to anything? No, you don't. What you said to me all those years ago made me realize who I really was. And you know something? I am not pure of heart."
―Thaddeus Sivana to Shazam[src]

Ever since that he was born, Thaddeus Sivana had been always known as a magnificent genius in physics, technology, science, and industry. However, as a child, he suffered from verbal and emotional abuse from his father and his brother, causing him to live a life of torment and isolation under the shadow of his family. The constant abuse from his family turned Sivana into a very cynical person who doesn't see good in others and lacks any empathy for anyone, which in turn made him vulnerable to the temptation of the Seven Sins. As an adult, Sivana hates the concept of families, as when he held Billy's foster siblings' hostage he described them and decoration with their pictures as disgusting. Sivana is a rather vindictive individual, as he went out of his way to get revenge on the Wizard for rejecting him and then his own family for abusing him as a child.

Ever since Sivana was rejected by the Wizard after which he caused a driving accident, he became obsessed with proving that magic is real and release the Seven Deadly Sins, whom he felt were the only ones that appreciated him. Sivana has little care for human life, as when Lynn Crosby disintegrated he casually shrugged it off. Upon obtaining the powers of the Deadly Sins, Sivana became malevolent and slightly psychotic, he enjoyed using his newfound powers to hurt others. He particularly enjoyed sadistically taunting his brother and father about magic being real before killing both of them in cold blood.

Upon learning that the Wizard had found a champion, after all, Sivana became infuriated and devoted to stealing Shazam's powers. Sivana displayed a strong hatred towards Billy Batson, who he mercilessly hunted demanding that Billy gave him the powers of Shazam, he was also willing to take Billy's foster siblings hostage and threaten their lives. Billy, however, noted that Thaddeus is envious of Billy, not just for being chosen by the Wizard but also for having a family that appreciated him while Sivana had previously been rejected and never saw any affection from his own family.

Sivana doesn't have much of a sense of humor and had little patience for Billy Batson's childish antics.

After Sivana lost his magic and was imprisoned, he fell into a full psychotic obsession with recovering magic, spending his time drawing symbols on the walls desperately trying to return to the Rock of Eternity.

Powers and abilities

Former Powers

"The weapons of man draw no blood from our kind. The only thing that extinguishes magic... is magic."
―Thaddeus Sivana [src]
  • Eye of Sin: All his powers are fueled by the Seven Deadly Sins residing within his right eye. If they are out of the Eye, he becomes powerless.
    • Demon summoning:

      Sivana attacking Shazam.

      Sivana can summon any or all of the Seven Deadly Sins, manifesting as up to seven individual demons, appearing and withdrawing back into the Eye of Sin as wisps of smoke. However, the demons themselves have minds of their own, and it is demonstrated at least with Envy that if their will is strong enough they can wrestle control from him and act on their own accord.
    • Sivana overpowers Billy with ease.

      Superhuman strength: Sivana is strong enough to effortlessly catch a punch thrown by Billy Batson and punch with enough force to make him bleed, whereas bullets previously did not affect. He was strong enough to throw Billy dozens of feet through a window, lift and choke him with one hand, and smash the latter through concrete with minimal effort.
    • Superhuman durability: Sivana body was strong and dense enough to take multiple hits from Billy mostly unfazed.
      • Regenerative healing factor: Sivana can heal from any would he receives, even if it occurred while he was depowered as seen when the sins re-enter his body and instantly heal a cut he received from Freddy. This ability also extends to giving him enhanced eyesight after he had worn eye-glasses for much of his life. After the Sins leave him, he needs to wear his glasses again.
    • Superhuman speed: Sivana is fast enough to easily catch a punch thrown by Billy Batson and fly fast enough to catch Shazam in battle.
    • Superhuman agility: Sivana can move, think, and understand quickly and easily.
    • Superhuman stamina: Sivana can exert himself and remain active for a long time, as well as his ability to resist, withstand, recover from, and have immunity to trauma, wounds, or fatigue.
    • Flight: Sivana can levitate and fly at fast speeds, allowing him to pursue Shazam and easily gain ground, later going toe-to-toe with him during their second battle.
    • Energy manipulation: Sivana can generate electricity-like blue energy from his hands, notably emitting far less light than that of Shazam's. His control over this energy allowed him to activate an elevator switch with a small arc of energy, create multiple bolts from one hand to blast two cops attempting to arrest him and carve magical symbols into a door to make it into portal to the Rock of Eternity. Additionally, Sivana was able to catch a lightning bolt from the wizard Shazam and convert it into his own energy to throw back at him.


  • Genius-level intellect: Sivana is exceptionally intelligent.
  • Expert intimidator: Sivana is shown to be very intimidating.
  • Expert combatant: Thaddeus Sivana easily countered a powerful overhand punch from the inexperienced Shazam and forced him into submission by grabbing his neck, due to his superior experience with magic, in their first fight.


  • Magic 8-Ball: Sivana carried a Magic 8-Ball as a child during the night when he was summoned by to the Rock of Eternity. Sivana kept the toy as an adult after allying with the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Sunglasses: Sivana doesn't need to wear glasses while the Deadly Sins are inside his body, so he took to wearing sunglasses to keep the Eye of Sin hidden while he's in public.
  • Magic staff: Sivana briefly used the magic staff.
  • Eye of Sin: Sivana used Eye of Sin to gain his powers.





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