Generates a nationality name with flag thumbnail based on the input argument.

Argument Gives
AFG Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistanian
APK Apokolips Logo Apokoliptian
AUS Australia Australian
AMZ WW Emblem Themysciran
ATL Atlantean logo Atlantean
BLD Flag of Bangladesh Bangladeshi
BEL Belgium Belgian
BGR Bulgaria Bulgarian
CAN Canada Canadian
CHN China Chinese
DEU Germany German
ENG England English
EGY Egypt Egyptian
FRA France French
GRE Flag of Greece Greek
ICE Flag of Iceland Icelander
IND India Indian
IRN Flag of Iran Iranian
ITA Italy Italian
JPN Japan Japanese
KEN Flag of Kenya Kenyan
KDQ Kahndaq Kahndaqian
MEX Flag of Mexico Mexican
NZ New Zealand New Zealander
RUS Russia Russian
SU Soviet Union Soviet
TWN Taiwan Flag Taiwanese
TNG Tonga Tongan
TUR Turkey Turkish
GBR United Kingdom British
USA USA American
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