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Takeo Yamashiro was the brother of Maseo Yamashiro and the brother-in-law of Tatsu Yamashiro.


Takeo Yamashiro was born as the brother of Maseo Yamashiro. At some point, Takeo and Maseo met Tatsu Hikari, for whose heart the brothers both competed. Tatsu would eventually choose to marry Maseo. Feeling rejected, Takeo refused to attend Maseo and Tatsu's wedding. Because of all this, Takeo joined the Yakuza, in which he rose through the ranks. He was eventually presented with a pair of matched swords, one of which Takeo favored due to its mystical properties, which would come to be known as the Soultaker because of its ability to trap the souls of its victims within itself.[1] Takeo then spent days preparing himself before taking both swords to the Yamashiro residence, demanding his brother duel for the "prize" of Tatsu.

During the course of the struggle, a fire was started and, while Maseo was distracted by his children, Takeo killed him with the Soultaker. Tatsu arrived just in time to see her husband die, took up her husband's sword, and fiercely engaged Takeo, gaining the upper hand and disarming him. His final request was that she use his blade to cut him down, thereby trapping his soul within it, however she declined him that honor.[2]





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