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T.D.K. (real name unknown) is a metahuman with the ability to detach his own arms, which he uses in combat and crime, becoming a convicted felon and member of Task Force X.[2]


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T.D.K. seems to be fun-loving, enthusiastic, and possibly sadistic.

Powers and abilities

  • Detachable arms: T.D.K. can painlessly detach his arms from his body easily and at will, which he can use to distract, bewilder, and physically beat his enemies with like a club.
  • Regenerative limbs: T.D.K's arms regrow themselves within a few minutes of detachment.


  • T.D.K. suit: T.D.K. wears a suit to mask his identity and protect himself in combat.




Behind the scenes

  • Oliver Keller was a stunt double for Nathan Fillion in the role of TDK.
  • The character poster and the logo on his suit suggest that he may be an adaptation of Floyd Belkin, aka Arm-Fall-Off-Boy from DC Comics under a different name.
    • This has prompted several theories as to what "T.D.K" could stand for, the most popular being "The Detachable Kid."
    • These theories are also supported by the fact that the teaser for The Suicide Squad shows what appear to be detached arms flying through the air in Polaroids on a wall.


The Suicide Squad

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Behind the scenes


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