The Sword of Athena[1] is a magically-empowered sword wielded by Wonder Woman in battle, replacing the God Killer sword after the latter was destroyed by Ares.[2]


At some point the sword was presumably created and wielded by the Olympian Goddess of Wisdom, Crafts, and Strategy, Athena.[3]

Some time after World War I, Wonder Woman somehow acquired a replacement for God Killer, the sword that Ares had destroyed.[4]

Wonder Woman would eventually proceed to wield the sword against Doomsday, managing to slice off the monster's right arm with it.[3]


The Sword of Athena is an incredibly sharp and durable weapon, showing no apparent damage after Diana's extensive use of it. It is likely also magical in nature, as are many Themysciran weapons, due to it's ability to injure otherwise invulnerable beings, like Superman and Doomsday.[3]

Wonder Woman cuts off Doomsday's arm

Wonder Woman cuts off Doomsday's arm.

It has an inscription carved in a form of Greek on the blade, which translates to English as follows: "Life is killing life all the time and so the goddess kills herself in sacrifice of her own animal".[5]


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