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"Nice suit, son."
Martha Kent to Superman[src]

Supersuits are Kryptonian skinsuits worn by the superhero/heroine Superman/Supergirl. On Earth-1, the first one consisted of a crimson red cape and boots, and a black belt device, over a tight-fitting, blue suit[1], with the S-shaped emblem of the House of El featuring on the chest; the suit underwent a few subtle changes in the emblem, gauntlets and belt. The third one was structurally the same, but was instead black with a silver version of the House of El crest. Some time later, red trim was added to the blue suit. In many other universes, other versions of Superman and Supergirl also wear a suit of their own. They wear the skinsuits primarily in order to conceal their Earthly identity.


Discovering his Heritage[]

Superman wearing his suit

Clark wearing his suit for the first time, as Kal-El

The skinsuit was stored in an ancient scout ship which had crash-landed on the planet Earth thousands of years ago, and it was originally worn by one of Kal-El's ancestors of the House of El. It remained there until Kal-El discovered the ship and a holographic projection of his father Jor-El, which revealed the suit inside, while explaining to him that the S-shaped glyph on the chest is not only the symbol of the House of El, but also a symbol of hope, embodied in which is the potential that every individual has to be a force for good and righteousness. He encouraged Kal-El to uphold what his family had once stood for by bringing this hope to Earth and humankind, embodying the best of both Earth and Krypton, thereby giving humankind "an ideal to strive towards".

Kal-El then donned the suit as a rite of passage, and proceeded to walk outside, finally accepting his alien heritage and fully understanding his abilities, which allowed him to finally reach his full potential, becoming more powerful than ever before. Determined to "test the limits" of his powers, Kal-El proceeded to leap immense distances through the air, finally learning how to fly (leaving several craters and sheering off a mountaintop in the process), by manipulating a gravitational field around himself. He flew miles into the sky at extreme supersonic speeds, flying first from the Arctic across the Atlantic Ocean to the savannahs of Kenya, and then back over the ocean to the Monument Valley in Utah, after which he briefly flew into outer space.[2]

First Public Appearance[]


Kal-El, right before his first battle

After choosing to surrender himself to the people of Earth, Kal-El donned the skinsuit again, and flew to Edwards Air Force Base. He kept on the skinsuit during his meetings with Sub-Commander Faora-Ul and General Zod, his escape from Black Zero, his first battle (with Faora-Ul and Nam-Ek), his battle with the World Engine in the Indian Ocean, and his final battle with Zod. In the process of it all, the US military recognizes him as an ally, and nicknames Kal-El "Superman", due to the S-shaped glyph on his skinsuit's chest.[2]

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Kal-El's surrender - his first public appearance in the suit

From that point on, whenever protecting Earth from dangerous threats, Superman always dons his Kryptonian skinsuit. In honor of the extraordinary heroics that he had displayed while saving Earth, the citizens of Metropolis soon build a massive silvery-gray statue of the mighty alien hero, depicting him wearing the skinsuit.[3]

Damage and Recovery[]


Superman after donning a black variant of his suit

However, the skinsuit was damaged, when Doomsday plunged his arm bone protrusion through Superman's chest, ripping right through the suit and cape, seemingly killing him.[3] After his resurrection in 2017, Superman walked through the halls of the Kryptonian scout ship, finding his orginal blue skinsuit but opted to use a black, silver-crested skinsuit instead. After he donned this suit he briefly flew into orbit to absorb solar energy. He then proceeded to Bruce's villa where Alfred Pennyworth welcomed him and directed him to where the Justice League had gone to fight Steppenwolf and his parademon forces.[4]

Re-Donning the Blue Supersuit[]

Superman Freddy and Shazam

Superman visits Fawcett Central School.

Sometime after Billy Batson became Shazam, Superman returned to using the blue suit, this one with some red trim around the waist. He headed to Fawcett Central School in Philadelphia to meet Freddy Freeman, at the behest of Billy Batson.[5] He later wore it when the Justice League arrived to help the 11th Street Kids at Coverdale Ranch[6], during his meeting with Black Adam[7], and when a volcano erupted in Guatemala.[8]

Alternate Universes/Timelines[]

Flashpoint Timeline[]

"Do you know what this symbol stands for?"
"It means hope, right?"
Kara Zor-El and Barry Allen[src]
Supergirl rises

Kara Zor-El absorbs the solar energy with her skinsuit put on.

Kara Zor-El was wearing her skinsuit at the time she escaped from Krypton in a Starcraft and kept it on until she landed on Earth, in Siberia, where the humans, upon finding her, took it off and locked Kara in a prison capsule, inside a black site, where they gave her new clothes and threw her suit into the capsule. Kara remained isolated from the solar energy until 2013, when two Barry Allens and Batman came to rescue her from the base, taking her suit with them. Once at Wayne Manor, the young Barry took Kara to the roof of the manor so she could put on her suit, where once up there, Kara absorbed the sun's energy and abandoned her rescuers to go find Dru-Zod and the Sword of Rao after learning of their arrival.

Supergirl stabbed

The supersuit is pierced by Zod's armor's blade.

After realizing that Zod had declared war on humanity and was planning to terraform the planet, Kara returned to Wayne Manor where she and her rescuers went into battle against Zod and the Sword of Rao. Kara's suit was undamaged during the battle until at one point, Zod pierced her suit with a blade made of Kryptonian metal. Zod would ultimately extract the codex from her body with an extraction device that also pierced her suit, in that timeline and the many others the Flashes created.[8]

Noir Earth[]

Superman reeves

Superman seeing the collision of universes.

In an alternate reality, an alternate Superman was wearing his suit, when he was seen watching other various worlds collide with his, before noticing the speedster, Jay Garrick, racing in his own Chronobowl.[8]

Blue Earth[]

Superman and Supergirl of Earth-78

Superman and Supergirl, seeing the collision of their universe with another.

In another reality, an alternate Superman and his cousin, Supergirl, were wearing their respective suits, when they observed the hole in-reality that was tearing their universe apart when they both stood staring at the sky with a concerned gaze as their entire universe and many others were about to end. Presumably, after it was all over, the universe survived, all thanks to Barry Allen reverting the collisions.[8]

Green Earth[]

Superman (Giant Spider) 2

Superman seeing the collision of his universe with another.

In another reality, an alternate Superman with long-hair was wearing his suit when he, at one point, fought Doomsday. Later on, he was still wearing the suit when he was confronted by a giant alien spider inside a cave, which ambushed him with its webs. But Superman was able to use his heat vision to free himself, and fought the creature to the death, only to notice an interdimensional hole was opened in his reality, allowing him to see the collision of his universe with another, until the collisions were reversed by Barry Allen.[8]


First Blue Supersuit[]

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Black Supersuit[]

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Second Blue Supersuit[]

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Flashpoint Suit[]

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Noir Earth Supersuit[]

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Blue Earth Supersuit[]

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First Green Earth Supersuit[]

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Second Green Earth Supersuit[]

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The suit and cape are constructed from a uniquely Kryptonian material that is shown to be incredibly resistant to damage and tear, being roughly just as invulnerable as Superman himself[1], hence only beings of tremendous power, like other Kryptonians or Doomsday could damage it. For example, Earth-1's blue/black suit took no noticeable damage during the battles against Nam-Ek, Faora-Ul, Dru-Zod or Steppenwolf, Flashpoint's suit took no damage during the battle agaisnt Dru-Zod until the latter used a blade made of Kryptonian metal which pierced it and Green Earth's suit took no damage in the battle agaisnt the thanagarian beast.


  • The "S" is the Kryptonian glyph for "hope."[9]
  • Earth-1's suit has Kryptonian inscriptions on the shield, shoulders, and belt; most notably, a quote from Joseph Campbell, translated into the Kryptonian script, can be found in the shield. The quote reads: "Where we had thought to stand alone, we will be with all the world," and is meant to convey Superman's initial struggle to find his place in the world.[10]
  • In the DC Universe, Martha Kent, made the suit when Clark was a teenager.
  • Earth-1's suit is shown to have been fabricated in Scout Ship 0344.
  • Earth-1's suit is the first live-action version of the suit to not have red trunks on it.
    • The iconic undergarment was used due to Superman's initial debut being modeled after circus strongmen.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • David S. Goyer stated that Superman's costume is defined in this film to be an undergarment: "All the battle armor goes on top of the suits. But since Superman's a refugee, his outfit doesn't have that gear, and would make him defenseless on his own Kryptonian turf."
  • The suit went through a slight upgrade between Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with changes to its belt and gauntlets, while the overall color and musculature was boosted to move away from the darker palette.[11][10]


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