The Superman statue is a fifteen-foot tall commemorative statue located in Metropolis, dedicated to the Kryptonian hero known as Superman for his heroic acts during the Battle of Metropolis.



Barely two weeks after the Battle of Metropolis, relief efforts continued to clear away the wreckage and restore communication. With the help of Superman, more and more civilians were recovered from the wreckage, with more cell towers being quickly restored to operational status. In the midst of the event, the reporter Lois Lane declared that the Mayor of Metropolis had announced plans to create a statue to commemorate Superman's heroic efforts.[1]


Superman Statute Inauguration

The Superman Statute inaugurated

In the months that followed in the aftermath of the Battle of Metropolis, Heroes Park was constructed, and the statue was erected to pay tribute to Superman for defeating the Sword of Rao.[2]

False god

Sometime in 2015, the statue was vandalized by Wallace Keefe by painting the word "False God" on it. This was done as a protest for losing his job, family and being crippled which caused due to the Kryptonian invasion.[3]


Following the Duel at Gotham Port, the statue was destroyed by the monstrous Doomsday shortly after its creation. During the funeral for Superman, a new commemoration was placed at the site in honor of his sacrifice which read: "If you seek his monument look around you."[3]


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