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Suicide Squad (Original Motion Picture Score) is the music score to the 2016 film Suicide Squad composed by Steven Price. It was released by WaterTower Music on August 5, 2016.


"I knew that a nice, tidy orchestral score wasn’t what he wanted. Everything in the film is rough around the edges."
Steven Price[src]

Steven Price and Suicide Squad director David Ayer first worked together on the 2014 film Fury. For the film's score, Ayer encouraged Price to "make the music weirder." When Ayer and Price teamed up again for Suicide Squad, that same advice was used. Price knew that Ayer didn't want a "nice" and "tidy" orchestral score, but rather something that matched the film's "rough around the edges" vibe.[1]

Track listing[]

  1. "Task Force X"
  2. "Arkham Asylum"
  3. "I'm Going to Figure this Out"
  4. "You Make my Teeth Hurt"
  5. "I Want to Assemble a Task Force"
  6. "Brother Our Time has Come"
  7. "A Serial Killer who Takes Credit Cards"
  8. "A Killer App"
  9. "That's How I Cut and Run"
  10. "We Got a Job to Do"
  11. "You Die We Die"
  12. "Harley and Joker"
  13. "This Bird is Baked"
  14. "Hey Craziness"
  15. "You Need a Miracle"
  16. "Diablo's Story"
  17. "The Squad"
  18. "Are We Friends or are We Foes?"
  19. "She's Behind You"
  20. "One Bullet is all I Need"
  21. "I Thought I'd Killed You"
  22. "The Worst of the Worst"
Bonus tracks
  1. "June Moone"
  2. "Did That Tickle?"
  3. "You Know the Rules Hotness"
  4. "Enchantress in the War Room"
  5. "Introducing Diablo and Croc"
  6. "Task Force X Activated"
  7. "Can Everyone See this Trippy Stuff?"
  8. "I Promised my Friends"



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