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Suicide Squad - Title Card

There's a wide variety of Suicide Squad merchandise, which is detailed below.


Suicide Squad home media[]






Character figures[]


DC Collectibles 1:6 scale[]

Prime 1 Studio 1:3 scale[]

JND Studios 1:3 scale[]

Iron Studios 1:10 scale[]

Other statues[]

Hot Toys[]


Action figures[]

DC Multiverse[]



Other action figures[]

Jada Toys products[]

Only three Nano Metalfigs were produced for Suicide Squad, along with three different-size sets of Metalfigs.


Funko Pop![]

Funko Pocket Pop! Keychain[]

Funko Mystery Minis[]

Suicide Squad Mystery Minis were released in June 2016. Like the Batman v Superman set, the base set contained 12 figures, each with 1/12 rarity. This time there were 6 exclusive figures between Hot Topic and GameStop. Some characters' heads could still twist in this series, but others were made rigid. The level of detail was slightly increased from the previous set.

Other Funko products[]

Finders Keyper[]

Knight Models[]

Mini Mez-Itz[]



Other character figures[]

Other toys and collectibles[]

Hot Wheels DC Character Cars[]

Suicide Squad didn't have much in the way of Hot Wheels, but there was a car produced for San Diego Comic Con 2016. It had the DCEU Harley's colors and the Suicide Squad logo on the hood. It came in a collector's box designed to hold the car suspended inside similar to Harley's self-made hammock in her Belle Reve cage. This car casting was later reused for a number of Harley Quinn-based designs, but only the first was related to the DCEU.

Blind bags[]

Both Original Minis and Figural Keyrings had Suicide Squad lines, as well as a series of Mystery Minis.

Original Minis:

Figural Keyrings:

  • Deadshot
  • Deadshot (unmasked)
  • Harley Quinn
  • Harley Quinn

Bleachers Creatures[]

Kawaii Cubes[]

Other toys[]

Food-related products[]


Clothes and accessories[]


New Era hats[]

Other clothing[]


Jewelry and keyrings[]


Other merchandise[]

Cards and board games[]


Pet products[]

Vehicle promotions[]

Vaydor Exotics (Vaydor Exotics on DriveTribe) was hired to produce the custom body for the Smiley Car, which is an Infiniti G35C luxury car, not the sports car it appears to be. The custom body was designed to look similar to a Lamborghini, hence the "Purple Lamborghini" song featuring the car. They never directly held any Suicide Squad promotions, however they do sell the custom body for those who would like to own the Joker's car.

Real world events[]

Suicide Squad: Six Flags Fright Fest Experience was a seasonal attraction held at Six Flags Magic Mountain in autumn of 2016 and 2017.

Unsorted merchandise[]

Promotional events[]