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Suicide Blonde is a comic book released by DC Comics and Splat, acting as a prequel to the 2016 film Suicide Squad.[1]


While imprisoned at Belle Reve, Harley Quinn listens to Amanda Waller's proposition to join Task Force X, explaining that the sooner she joins, the sooner she can complete her prison sentence to rejoin the Joker and the nightlife of Gotham City.

She flashbacks to months earlier, when she and Joker tied up Don Leo, an old crime boss, who tried to take over into the Joker's territory in Gotham. She assembles her outfit for the night while Joker taunts Don Leo and explains his plans to take over the criminal underworld with Harley at his side. The Joker prepares to brutally bash in Don Leo with Harley's baseball bat, but she plans to torture and kill him to send a message to other crime bosses in Gotham. Later that night, the two psychopaths drive the Smiley Car to the nightclub, where to their surprise, the whole dance floor is filled with clubbers copying Joker's and Harley's appearances. Infuriated, the Joker intimidates a man dressed like the himself until he is dissuaded by Harley as merely adoration. His girlfriend claims that the Joker and Harley Quinn are the coolest thing to hit Gotham since the appearance of Batman.

In the present, Waller explains that when if she joins Task Force X, her prison sentence will be reduced by ten years, and she can return to Gotham City quicker rather than rot in jail for the rest of her sentence. Harley reluctantly accepts her offer, but warns Waller not to neglect their deal, else she becomes an example to her men like Don Leo.





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  • Lions (mentioned)
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