"Victor, you're not stuck up here."
Silas Stone to Cyborg[src]

The Stone Residence is the home of Silas Stone and his late wife Elinore Stone. It was also the home of Silas' son, Victor, who had been living there after his accident. The apartment is located at 26 Centennial Street, Gotham City, New Jersey.


Returning home after working at S.T.A.R. Labs, Silas Stone came to check on his son, Victor, who became Cyborg, and tried to convince him to show the world who he is after the accident. Victor was staring out at the window processing a lot of things inside his head.[1]

While in his bedroom, Victor used his new abilities to interact with data streams and surveillance cameras and became aware of Bruce's interest in him.

When Silas came home and saw the mess on the floor of his apartment, a parademon appeared right behind him and successfully kidnapped Stone and the staff of S.T.A.R. Labs and took them all to Gotham Harbor.

Then when Cyborg came home and found a lot of ruckus on the floor, he turned to look at the Bat Signal shining in the sky.



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