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"There’s a wonderful, big world out there. This crazy new world. And I am so happy I got to see it… but it deserves you."
―Steve Trevor to Diana Prince[src]

Stephen "Steve" Trevor was a United States Army Air Service officer who worked for British Intelligence as a spy, as well as an ally and lover of the superheroine Wonder Woman, being the first man she had ever met. During World War I, he had a secretary named Etta Candy. He, Diana and the Wonder Men helped thwart the plans of General Ludendorff, Doctor Poison, and Ares himself, while sacrificing his life in the process.

In 1984, decades after his death, he was able to live once more when Diana wished for his return using a magical object, causing him to be placed inside a host's body. However, he was forced into a new adventure with Diana after oil magnate Maxwell Lord began to use the Dreamstone for his own purposes, with caused political and civil instability. During the riots around the White House, Steve convinced Diana to renounce her wish, so as to restore her powers.


Early Life[]

"My father told me once, he said, 'If you see something wrong happening in the world, you can either do nothing or you can do something.'"
―Steve Trevor to Diana[src]

Steve Trevor grew up with his father for most of his youth. His father once told him that if he saw something bad happening to the world, he could do something about it or do nothing. He gave him his watch, which Trevor kept during all of his expeditions.[1] Trevor's family also had a ranch located in the United States.[2]

World War I[]

Theft of Isabel Maru's notebook[]

Trevor spies on Isabel Maru's experiments

Trevor spies on Isabel Maru's experiments

"I was there to observe and report, nothing more, but I had to do something."
―Steve Trevor[src]

With the outbreak of World War I, Trevor initially decided not to fight, but after trying, he decided to enlist in the American Expeditionary Force, where he earned the title of Captain of the Air Service, also serving as an intelligence spy for the Allied Powers. During an undercover mission as a pilot for the Ottoman Empire, Trevor discovered that the Axis Powers were manufacturing more powerful weapons, watching in horror as Doctor Isabel Maru experienced a kind of lethal gas, even for oxygen masks.

Trevor flees the Ottoman base

Trevor flees the Ottoman base

Knowing that if Maru were to complete his work, millions of people would be killed by the gas, so Trevor, disobeying his orders to only observe and report, decided to steal Isabel Maru's notebook, causing her and the soldiers to begin chasing him. Quickly, Steve Trevor took one of the base's planes to escape the gunfire, then returned to the base and threw a grenade, with which he would completely destroy it.[1]

Meeting Diana[]

Steve Trevor and Diana on the beach

Trevor meets Diana for the first time

"You're a man..."
"Yeah... I mean... don't I look like one?"
Diana and Steve Trevor[src]

As the troops continued to pursue Trevor, the plane he was flying in was damaged by an attack, falling into the water off the island of Themyscira, attempting to escape unsuccessfully when his small plane began to sink. On the verge of drowning, Trevor was rescued by the Amazon Princess Diana, who took him to shore, where she recognized him as a man, to which Trevor rhetorically asked if he didn't look like one. Trevor then watched the German fleet coming after him enter the island, identifying them as the bad guys.

Trevor hides during the battle

Trevor hides during the battle

Before fleeing, Queen Hippolyta warned Trevor to stay away from Diana, while she ordered an attack with flaming arrows towards the Germans. In the middle of a battle between the Amazons and the German army, Diana and Trevor fled the scene, hiding under some rocks. After an army of Amazons, led by General Antiope, appeared to fight, Trevor decided to fight the Germans, stealing a weapon to attack. After Antiope's death, Trevor quickly ran to kill the German who shot him and one more soldier.

Trevor is stopped by Hippolyta

Trevor is stopped by Hippolyta

Hippolyta blamed Trevor for Antiope's death and tried to kill him, but was stopped by Diana, who revealed that Trevor had fought alongside her against the Germans. Not believing her, Menalippe questioned Trevor's loyalty, believing he was with the Germans because of his clothing, but Trevor refused to reveal it. Seeing that she had no other option, Venelia suggested to Hippolyta that she kill Trevor, but Philippus refused, stating that if they killed him, they would never know who the invaders were.[1]

Interrogated by the Amazons[]

Trevor is subjected to the Lasso

Trevor is subjected to the Lasso of Hestia

"What war?"
"The war. The war to end all wars."
Diana and Steve Trevor[src]

The Amazons interrogated Trevor in the Themyscira throne room, subjecting him to the Lasso of Hestia to reveal the truth, which forced him to reveal his true name, as well as being an Expeditionary Force pilot, assigned to British Intelligence. Despite attempting to resist, Trevor revealed himself to be a spy who had infiltrated Isabel Maru's base, stealing her notebook to prevent more deaths in World War I. Diana asked in confusion about the war, causing Trevor to reveal that millions of women and children had been murdered and kidnapped from their looted and burned villages, leaving Diana horrified.

Steve Trevor meets Wonder Woman

Trevor talking with Diana

To heal his wounds, Trevor was taken to Themyscira infirmary, where he cooled off in a kind of jacuzzi. Coming out of the water without clothes, Trevor bumped into Diana, so he quickly tried to cover himself. After Diana asked him if he was a typical male, Trevor stated that he was above average. After thanking each other for saving her lives on the beach, Diana revealed that she had asked her mother to go with Trevor to the world of men to stop the war, believing that Ares, the God of War, was the responsible.

Trevor sleeps on the boat

Trevor sleeps on the boat

After Diana donned Amazon armor and stole the Godslayer Sword, she met with Trevor to take her to war to kill Ares, in exchange for freeing him from her, to which Trevor agreed. The duo boarded a small boat to the shores of Themyscira, where they planned to escape. In the middle of the trip, Trevor talked with Diana about methods of human reproduction, with Diana mentioning that according to Clio's Treatises on Bodily Pleasure, man was useful for procreation, but not for pleasures, before falling asleep.[1]

Return to London[]

Trevor arrives to London

Trevor arrives to London with Diana

"Welcome to jolly old London!"
"It's hideous."
Diana and Steve Trevor[src]

The next morning, the couple woke up in London, as Diana claimed that it was horrendous. Trevor and Diana walked through the streets, where he attempted to distract the British soldiers from focusing their attention on Diana. After refusing to walk hand in hand with Diana, Trevor informed her that before heading to war, he would have to deliver Isabel Maru's notebook to his superiors in British Intelligence, to which Diana, upset by not going directly to the war, reminded him of the deal they had made, until he finally reluctantly agreed.

Diana, sword, Etty, and Trevor

Trevor asks Diana to give her weapons to Etta Candy

Seeing that Diana was wearing an outfit that could catch people's attention, Trevor decided to take her to a women's clothing store, where he met up again with her secretary Etta Candy, who believed that Trevor had died. Later, Trevor left Diana with Candy for a moment so they could both look for the right outfit for Diana. When he returned, he observed Diana already dressed in it, describing it as a very flashy outfit, so he decided to buy her some of her glasses so that she would look less flashy. Leaving the store, Trevor asked Diana to give her sword and shield to Candy, which she agreed to, making him promise that she would protect them with her life.

Diana saving Steve

Diana saving Steve from a bullet

When they arrived in London, Steve accompanied Diana through the streets while explaining some things to them such as why people hold hands and then along with his secretary Etta Candy, they went to get Diana new clothes. Steve delivered the notebook to his superiors at high command but they refused to act which seemed to anger Diana. Steve and Diana were leaving where they told them how they were going anyway and wrapped the Lasso of Hestia around his wrist to prove to Diana that he was, without doubt, telling the truth.[1]

Forming a Team[]

Trevor gives Maru's notebook to Morgan

Trevor gives Isabel Maru's notebook to Patrick Morgan

"I told you it was going to be quick. And there's a lot to be gained by this. So, it's for a great cause... Uh, freedom... Hmm. Friendship, uh, ending the war, friendship..."
―Steve Trevor to Sameer and Charlie[src]

Trevor attended a British Intelligence meeting, where Sir Patrick Morgan expressed his support for the armistice. While he was trying to convince his superior to analyze the notebook, Diana entered the room, causing Trevor to quickly take her away. After the meeting, Trevor continued to try to convince his superior, Colonel Phillip Darnell, to take the notebook to cryptography, until Sir Morgan interrupted the conversation, thanking Diana for silencing the present so he could speak. Seeing Diana introducing herself as the Princess of Themyscira, Trevor quickly introduced her as Diana Prince.

Trevor is denied to stop Maru

Trevor is denied to stop Isabel Maru

After handing over the notebook, Diana translated the Ottoman and Sumerian language, discovering that Maru had developed a kind of hydrogen-based mustard gas. Trevor presented the notebook to Marshal Douglas Hair to send a team to prevent the gas from murdering thousands of innocents, however, Hair refused this. Angered by Trevor's superiors' decision, Diana exploded with rage, so Trevor submitted to the Lasso of Hestia, revealing that he would assemble a team to stop Maru's plans, despite his superiors' decision.

Hangman's Arms Briefing

Trevor meeting with Sameer and Charlie

In the afternoon, Trevor and Diana visited a local tavern to recruit two of Trevor's friends, Sameer and Charlie. After seeing Sameer trying to win over Diana, and Charlie dueling with a bar thug, the group gathered to discuss their move. Trevor, knowing that he did not have enough money to pay his friends, tried to motivate them by saying that there was a lot to gain, mentioning a possible end to the war. After this, Sir Morgan appeared in the room, accompanied by Etta Candy, giving them enough funds to pay them, supporting their cause of trying to stop the war.[1]

Travel to Belgium[]

Trevor and the team see the wounded people

Trevor and the team see the wounded people

"It's awful."
"That's why we're here."
Diana and Steve Trevor[src]

The next morning, the group left for Belgium, and at the train station, a vendor offered Diana an ice cream, and Trevor paid the ice cream man eight pence. After disembarking at the train station, Trevor revealed to Diana that her next stop was with a smuggler nicknamed Chief. Diana exclaimed her disgrace at Trevor's contacts, mentioning Sameer and Charlie as a liar and murderer, respectively; making Trevor think she was talking about him. Halfway to a boat, the group watched in horror as wounded soldiers were taken for observation.

Trevor meets with Chief

Trevor meets with Chief

After arriving in Belgium via a small ship, Diana, watching the soldiers, exclaimed that Maru gas would kill them, wondering what kind of weapon would kill innocents, and Trevor stated that in the middle of war, any weapon would. At night, the group met the Chief at a small camp. After showing Diana the belongings she was carrying, Trevor toasted his friends, stating that they would get what she wanted, what they needed, but never what they deserved, before they fell asleep.[1]

Battle of Veld[]

Trevor explains No Man's Land to Diana

Trevor explains No Man's Land to Diana

"This is No Man's Land, Diana! It means no man can cross it, all right? This battalion has been here for nearly a year and they barely gained an inch. Because, on the other side, there are a bunch of Germans pointing machine gun at every square inch of this place. This is not something you can cross. It's not possible."
―Steve Trevor to Diana[src]

The team headed to No Man's Land in the morning, after crossing a field, and avoiding German attacks, the group finally reached a trench, where Diana, observing the poverty of some mothers with their children who asked for help, she tried to help them, however, Trevor stopped her, stating that they should continue with the plan and try to advance on land before night fell, while explaining that no man would be able to cross the battalion for almost a year, due to the army of Germans were searching the area with machine guns.

Trevor with gun by wall

Trevor fighting in the battle

Diana challenged Trevor and decided to put on her armor to get out of the trench and fight the Germans, and to Trevor's surprise, she was able to dodge the Germans' attacks with her shield and bracers, repelling the fire and advancing further, which allowed Trevor to advance, while killing several soldiers. Finally, Diana was able to reach the German trench with Trevor and his team, urging the Allied soldiers to advance and gain territory. Despite having won, Diana continued advancing to the town of Veld, so Trevor and her team followed her, while she went ahead to fight a group of Germans in a room, leaving Sameer and Charlie confused.

Wonder Men Photograph

Wonder Men photograph

Taking advantage, Trevor and the group continued blowing up several German bases in the town, until Diana left the room to meet in the square, where he was next to her while she fought. Immediately afterwards, a sniper located in the local church began shooting at them, causing Trevor, upon seeing a metal door on the ground, to remember the Amazons' movement with the shield and devise a plan to help Diana. Along with Sameer and the Chief, Trevor placed the door on her back, so that Diana could propel herself over it and take down the sniper, defeating the Germans and freeing the town of Veld. In gratitude, a resident decided to take a photograph of the team.[1][3]

Erich Ludendorff's Gala[]

Trevor shares a time with Diana

Trevor shares a time with Diana

"If you kill Ludendorff before we find the gas, we won't be able to stop anything."
―Steve Trevor to Diana[src]

Trevor contacted Etta Candy by a local telephone, who revealed that Colonel Erich Ludendorff was going to hold a gala party at his castle, in which it was planned to launch mustard gas into the village of Veld. Trevor attempted to convince Sir Patrick Morgan to let his team operate at the gala, and Diana began to suspect that Ludendorff was Ares, so Trevor quickly hung up the call. While the villagers celebrated by dancing, Trevor taught Diana how to dance, explaining human customs, and the two decided to spend the night together.

Trevor and Charlie on horses

Trevor heads to the castle

Heading to the castle, Trevor, knowing that he had no more money to pay Sameer and Charlie, tried to convince them to leave, but they decided to stay by his side to protect him. Along the way, Trevor told them the truth about Themyscira, but Charlie did not believe the story. When the group reached the outskirts of the castle, Trevor obtained a German uniform to pose as a colonel, while Sameer disguised himself as his driver. The entrance guard requested the invitation from Sameer, who claimed to have lost the invitation on the trip, raising Trevor's acting anger.

Trevor tries to talk with Isabel Maru

Trevor tries to talk with Isabel Maru

Trevor met with Dr. Isabel Maru, attempting to seduce her to join him and gain more recognition than he could with Ludendorff, flattering her by recognizing her brilliant work, but Trevor watched Diana enter the party, causing Maru to ignore him. Diana, who was dancing with Ludendorff, attempted to kill him, but was stopped by Trevor, believing that it wouldn't stop the gas release. After fleeing the castle, the duo witnessed Ludendorff initiate the gas release, running towards the village, and Trevor ordered his friends to follow Ludendorff and make a signal.

Trevor sees Chief's signal

Trevor sees Chief's signal

Riding after Diana, Trevor returned to Veld, finding Diana angry at the massacre of all the villagers and blaming Trevor for what happened. Furious, Diana began to believe that Ares had not only corrupted the Germans, but Trevor as well. Before Diana left to assassinate Ares, Trevor observed a smoke signal made by the Chief, warning Diana of Ludendorff's location. Trevor then used a motorcycle to follow Diana to Ludendorff's base with the allies.[1]

Airfield Battle[]

Trevor tries to convince Diana

Trevor tries to convince Diana

"I wish we had more time. I love you."
―Steve Trevor to Diana[src]

Having killed Erich Ludendorff, Diana met Trevor outside her base, attempting to convince her to destroy the Maru base to prevent more mustard gas samples from being released. However, Diana began to lose faith in mankind, observing that despite having killed Ludendorff, the soldiers continued to ship the gas, so she refused to help, claiming that the world would not deserve her help. Trevor refuted Diana's idea, stating that it was not about desert, but about belief, but a unconvinced Diana continued to refuse, so Trevor left her to destroy the gas with her team.

Trevor watches the plane with the gas

Trevor watches the plane with the gas

Observing the soldiers working on the gas shipment, Trevor's team devised a plan to use gas masks and infiltrate the facility to blow up every base and laboratory there, including a large plane that would be used to launch the gas. Suddenly, Ludendorff's base exploded revealing the real Ares fighting Diana. While the team hid, Trevor focused on shooting down the plane. When Charlie suggested requesting air force support to shoot down the plane, Trevor refused, knowing that if he went down, he would still kill everyone.

Steve Trevor Death

Trevor sacrifices himself

Seeing himself with no other options, in an act of bravery, Trevor asked his team to cover him to go to Diana, to whom he gave his watch and revealed his feelings of love, before infiltrating the plane that had already taken off. Taking control of the plane after shooting down the pilots, Trevor initially smiled as he was away from the fight, but then decided to shoot the bombs loaded on the plane, completely destroying it and ending his life to prevent the gas from being released.[1]


In honor of Trevor's sacrifice, a photograph of him was placed on a wall in London Square. During the celebrations for the end of the war, Diana, accompanied by Etta Candy, Sameer, Charlie and the Chief, visited the square, while she looked at Trevor's photograph through tears, remembering him.[1] Trevor's death left an emotional mark on Diana, who eventually lost her faith in humanity and decided to remain hidden among men.[4] However, Diana continued to operate as an unsung hero when necessary, she even visited her family's Trevor Ranch, where she had her photograph taken.[2]

Chaos of the Wishes[]


Steve you're back

Trevor reunites with Diana Prince

"I remember… I remember taking the plane up… and then… nothing, really. Nothing. But somehow, I know I’ve been someplace since then. Someplace that’s, uh… I can’t really put words to it. But it’s… It’s good. And then I, uh… I woke up here."
―Steve Trevor to Diana Prince[src]

Steve was revived unwittingly in 1984 by the power of the Dreamstone after Diana wished to be reunited with him. He reawakened in another man's body and after getting his bearings, he began to search for Diana. He found her address after searching for her in the phone book and shadowed her before revealing himself to her at a fundraising function at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History where Diana was employed. His advances were initially rebuffed but after repeating the last words she said to him before she died, Trevor convinced her, who hugged him and kissed him passionately.

Bonding Period

Trevor talks with Prince

The reunited couple took a walk through Washington, D.C., as Trevor recalled how he died and later revived in his guest's room, stating that he felt like he had been somewhere else. Surprised by the time, Trevor watched in wonder as a passenger plane flew over the area. The two headed to the guest's room, where Trevor tried to explain to Prince how he found her at the gala party. After this, he observed his guest in the mirror, deducing that he was an attractive man; Despite this, Prince claimed that she only saw Trevor.[2]

Investigating the Dreamstone[]

Parachute Pants

Trevor tries to wear different outfits

"I don’t know. Uh… Brought me back. Love or hope… maybe?"
―Steve Trevor to Diana Prince[src]

Trevor and Diana shared the night together at the guest's apartment, while Trevor ate Pop-tarts and drank coffee in the morning. After they decided to stay together, Prince began to wonder how the Dreamstone resurrected Trevor in another man's body, so they both decided to enlist to investigate the stone. He tried to wear several items of clothing to go out, which did not completely convince Diana, who then gave him a try on a wardrobe that Trevor did not like.

Menory Lane

Trevor is amazed by the era

Along the way, Prince taught Trevor about the technological advancement of the time, discovering escalators, underground subway trains, break dancing, and the art exhibits at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, one of which he mistook for a trashcan. Seeing a poster about space rockets from the National Air and Space Museum, the couple entered the museum where Trevor was amazed at the space rockets and the advances in space exploration at the time. In search of the Dreamstone, Trevor and Prince went to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History to talk with Prince's friend, Barbara Minerva.

Trevor and Prince investigate the Dreamstone

Trevor and Prince investigate the Dreamstone

After she revealed that she had lent stone to businessman Max Lord, the duo headed to the headquarters of his crude oil company, where they infiltrated the offices, discovering several files that Lord had collected about the stone. Suddenly, Prince was shocked to find the tongue of the Old Gods in the cut bottom part of the stone. Before leaving to search for Lord, Trevor found Lord's plane tickets to Cairo, causing Trevor to express his desire to fly the plane.[2]

Invisible Jet Heist[]

IMG 20200211 230355

Trevor and Prince infiltrate the National Air and Space Museum

"I just have to pick up speed first, and then I’ll take off. The way I fly, they will never find us."
―Steve Trevor to Diana Prince[src]

Looking for a plane to fly to Cairo, Diana Prince took Trevor back to the National Air and Space Museum, where he marveled at a prototype of a plane. Prince invited Trevor to choose a ship from those on the runway, so Trevor decided on an F-111 Aardvark jet. After boarding the jet, Trevor made sure the controls were working properly, so he began the takeoff process. The process alerted facility security, who sent teams to prevent takeoff, causing Trevor to exclaim that they would not find them when he took off.


Trevor pilot the Invisible Jet

Diana, however, revealed to Trevor the function of the radar, which would allow them to be located anywhere. With no other options, Prince resorted to trying to use an invisibility power that Zeus had used on Themyscira, managing to turn the jet invisible. Away from the guards, Prince and Trevor flew over the city, watching the fireworks of the Independence Day celebrations. Trevor also explained to Prince that flying was simple wind and air, which you had to learn to tame.

Chase towards Cairo[]

Trevor drives on the road

Trevor drives on the road

"I got this."
"What? Diana!"
Diana Prince and Steve Trevor[src]

Upon arriving in Cairo, Trevor and Diana Prince took a taxi to Emir Said Bin Abydos, until she recognized Max Lord along with Abydos' security team as they headed to the outskirts of the city. Prince quickly bought the vehicle from the driver, so Trevor got behind the wheel to drive it while Prince tried to stop Lord. Seeing them, Lord ordered his soldiers to lose sight of them, so a cargo tank pushed Trevor and Prince's car aside, diverting them from the road.

Trevor about to take the tank

Trevor about to take the tank

As they began to shoot at them, Diana put on her armor and got out of the vehicle to fight Lord's soldiers, while Trevor continued driving so as not to lose sight of her, and Diana saved him from a bullet aimed directly at him. Because Prince was shot in the shoulder and had to hide in the bottom of a truck, Trevor took control of one of the tanks, which he then damaged its machine gun and shot down his soldiers. Later, Trevor saved Prince from being crushed by several trucks by putting the tank in her path.

Steve driving Egyptian Tank

Steve driving the tank

After rescuing Prince, Trevor observed a group of children on the road, who were about to be hit by vehicles. He quickly loaded a missile into the tank, which after being fired, helped Diana propel herself with her Lasso of Hestia to rescue the children, although in the process, Prince lost her ability to use it. With Lord and his guards fleeing, Trevor accompanied very weakened Diana into the city, and seeing several helicopters flying overhead, the couple stared in horror at a large wall rising on the borders of Cairo.


Trevor and Prince in Cairo

Already in the city, Prince contacted Barbara Minerva by phone, while Trevor observed the chaos caused by the Cairo wall. When Prince ended his call, he revealed that the Dream Stone had been present in several civilizations throughout history, civilizations which were destroyed without a reason, raising suspicions in Trevor, who believed that the stone was the cause of the catastrophes. Prince, however, stated not to know what to believe, hoping that Trevor's suspicion was wrong. The couple boarded the Invisible Jet to return to the United States.[2]

Discovering the Truth[]

Diana & Steve in Somewhere

Trevor suggesting to destroy the Dreamstone

"If we destroy it, if we destroy him… all the wishes go back."
―Steve Trevor to Diana Prince[src]

Returning to Washington, D.C., Trevor and Diana Prince met with Barbara Minerva at Frank Patel's home, a shaman of Mayan descent who supposedly knew about the Dreamstone. Patel showed them a book he had inherited from his ancestors, which was said to contain the story of how his village had been destroyed in a matter of months. As she read, Prince discovered that the gem was created by the Duke of Deception, Dechalafrea Ero. Trevor deduced that the wishes granted by the stone took away a person's most valuable possession, discovering that it was the reason for Prince's weakened powers, and suggested destroying it, which had been turned into Max Lord himself.

Trevor tries to convince Prince to give up the wish

Trevor tries to convince Prince to give up the wish

After returning to Prince's apartment, Trevor stopped to look at the watch he had given her before he died and the photographs he had. He then conversed with Prince, attempting to convince her to give up her wish to prevent civilization from being destroyed. Prince, however, refused to do so, revealing that he was all she had ever wanted. Trevor, knowing that sooner or later she would have to say goodbye to her, tried to convince her to choose another man, but Prince remained reluctant to her decision, again refusing to give up Trevor.

Trevor listens to Asteria's story

Trevor listens to Asteria's story

Prince retreated to a room full of televisions, where Trevor found a piece of golden armor wrapped in the room, which Prince explained belonged to Asteria, showing him through Lasso of Hestia how Asteria she sacrificed herself during the Revolt of the Amazons. Prince found, via television, Lord heading to the White House, and although Prince initially attempted to attack the facility, Trevor convinced her to enter through other means due to her weakened powers.[2]

Showdown at the White House[]

Diana & Steve in the White House

Trevor and Prince in the White House

"Oh, how sweet, defending your love. Huh? What do you wish for? Do you wanna be a real boy?"
"No. Just not to be handcuffed to you, but now I am."
Max Lord and Steve Trevor[src]

Once Trevor and Diana Prince entered the White House as visitors, Prince met Carl, a friend of his who was an intern. After she introduced Trevor, he asked for a private tour, which Carl agreed to. While Carl explained the history of the White House, Trevor found a passageway, which he and Prince sneaked through. The pair took Lord to a team of guards, so Prince used Hestia's Lasso to trap him, attempting to convince him to return the Dreamstone. Lord, however, ordered his guards to attack the couple, so Trevor protected Prince with a metal tray until they reached a room.

Trevor fighting Max Lord's soldiers

Trevor fighting Max Lord's soldiers

Seeing Prince weakened, Trevor attempted to use one of the ornamental swords, but Prince asked him not to use it, stating that it was not Lord's fault. Prince used her tiara to distract the guards, and then used the lasso to protect them from the guards' shots, while the latter fought several of them hand-to-hand. Trevor managed to steal a gun from one of them, only to later discover that the gun had no ammunition. As they were about to capture Lord, Barbara Minerva appeared to stop them.

Trevor handcuffs Max Lord

Trevor handcuffs Max Lord

Trevor decided to go after Lord while Prince confronted Minerva. After capturing him, Trevor struggled with him, who tried to convince him to make a wish, however, Trevor tied himself with handcuffs to Lord. While tied to it, Trevor fought off the guards who were targeting them, until Minerva came to free them, causing Lord to flee. As Minerva confronted a weakened Prince, Trevor attempted to stop her, only to be stopped and pushed to Prince's side. After Minerva fled, Trevor helped Prince get up and run away from her.[2]

Giving up the Wish[]

Steve Trevor says goodbye to Diana

Trevor says goodbye to Diana Prince

"I’ll always love you, Diana, no matter where I am. I love you."
―Steve Trevor to Diana Prince[src]

Amid the chaos caused by the Dreamstone's wishes, Trevor helped a weakened Diana Prince through the crowd of people. Tired, Prince stopped at a wall, where Trevor, knowing it was time for her to give up her wish, stated that he had had a great life observing the wonderful world, claiming that the world needed her, but that she refused to give up her wish in tears. Still unable to say goodbye to him, Diana finally kissed Trevor, giving up her wish and returning Trevor to death.[2]


"I lost someone I loved once. I shut myself off from everyone."
Wonder Woman to Cyborg[src]

Shortly after giving up her wish, Diana Prince regained all of her powers, allowing her to fight Barbara Minerva and convince Max Lord to give up her wish, ending the Dreamstone chaos around the world. During Christmas celebrations, Prince was in a park surrounded by happy families as she joyfully recalled her last moments with Trevor, accepting and getting over his death. Prince ran into Steve Trevor's host, who told about the beauty of Christmas, realizing that he was wearing the same outfit she made Trevor try on.[2]

Nearly a century after Steve's first death, the photograph taken in Belgium was eventually discovered by Lex Luthor, who compiled it into his footage of all the other metahumans. While discussing the implications of heroism with Bruce Wayne, Diana mentioned why she had walked away from humanity all those years ago.[4] Sometime later, the photo of the Wonder Men is eventually returned to Diana by Bruce Wayne.[1]

When assembling a team to fight off the threat posed by alien invaders, Diana mentioned Trevor upon seeing the Flying Fox that Wayne built, stating that he would have loved to pilot the vehicle, she later invoked the memory of Steve to Victor Stone, citing Steve's death as the reason for her wanting to retreat from the world.[5]


"Have you never met a man before? What about your father?"
"I had no father. My mother sculpted me from clay and I was brought to life by Zeus."
"Well, that's neat... Where I come from, babies are made differently."
―Steve Trevor and Diana[src]

Steve Trevor, as a soldier, was remarkably courageous, bold, dedicated, and determined, while also an exceptionally cunning, improvisational, and capable spy. While originally somewhat cynical and narrow-minded, Steve's background as a spy made him tactful (hence he rarely voices his skepticism of Diana's story of Ares, or her Amazonian beliefs, and doesn't hold Charlie's PTSD or Chief's anti-colonial bitterness against them), while also capable of improvising and spinning convincing lies in tough situations. Steve's dedication was shown by his desire to end World War I, and to contribute to that he usually followed protocol, but disobeyd orders when disagreeing with them, specifically when British Intelligence superiors' orders prohibited him from taking active initiative. This was due to Steve following in the footsteps of his father, who believed in the importance of acting when one wanted to make a difference.

While initially cynical, and disbelieving Diana's story (despite both Sameer and Chief coming to believe it), seeing Wonder Woman's compassion and unbreakable spirit in action renewed Steve's hope, boosting his morale and energizing him to cross over to the German trench after her, freeing a Belgian village from cruel occupation, and no longer hesitating against seemingly insurmountable odds. As an espionage expert, Steve also had immense willpower, enough to even resist the Lasso of Hestia for several seconds.

Steve displayed a softer side after meeting and gradually falling in love with Wonder Woman, explaining to her the customs of humanity, being understanding of her naive social blunders, genuinely admitting his own lack of understanding of some human customs (such as marriage and family life), and eventually starting to tactfully woo her. He soon came to understand Diana's true potential, and right before he selflessly yet seemingly sacrificed himself (to thwart Ares' plan and finally end the World War I for good), he passionately expressed his unwavering belief in Diana's ability to save the world, as well as his unwavering love for her. Indeed, just as much as Diana had several days prior inspired him, so did Steve's final moments in the Great War before going MIA inspired her, with Diana clinging to their mutual love in order to bypass her ambivalence and violent tendencies, and to defeat Ares for good. Diana's love and respect for Steve's alleged final sacrifice were so immense, that even 100 years later, she would be rendered tearful by the memory of it, and Superman's own actions and sacrifice inspired Diana mainly because she saw a lot of Steve Trevor in him.


  • Gifted Intellect: Steve is exceptionally intelligent (despite his occasional cynicism at new unexpected revelations), which extends to his considerable acting, deception and espionage skills, making Steve Trevor a very valuable spy for the British Intelligence. However, he is notably not as intelligent as Ares who quite easily deceived Steve and his entire team into believing that he was their ally.
    • Expert Spy: Steve is an extremely skilled spy, working for British Intelligence, successfully impersonating a German officer and infiltrating Doctor Poison's base in the Ottoman Empire, using the same impersonation to enter General Ludendorff's party in Belgium, expertly imitating a German accent, and almost succeeding in wooing Doctor Poison by impersonating a sadistic and bloodthirsty officer interested in her work (only failing due to getting distracted by Wonder Woman).
    • Expert Deceiver: Steve, due to being an experienced, skilled and persuasive liar (at least on par with Sameer, though still surpassed by Ares quite a bit), was claiming to Diana that he lies for a living, was able to see right though Sameer's lying charade in a bar, able to fool his British superiors into believing that he wouldn't go to Belgium (while in actuality, he instead covertly assembled the infiltration Wonder Men team), able to swiftly give Diana the human name "Diana Prince", and the Amazons only get Steve to tell the truth by using the Lasso of Hestia on him (though he notably resisted it for a few seconds).
    • Expert Leader: Steve is very capable and charismatic leader, having lead the organized the Wonder Men in the first portion of their mission to defeat General Ludendorff, until Wonder Woman eventually took up the lead as the mission continued from the Belgian trench.
    • Expert Pilot: Steve is a highly skilled pilot, successfully escaping pursuing German planes after flying off with Dr. Poison's plans, and crash-landing his plane in the sea outside Themyscira. His skill also extends to water-based vehicles, a she told Diana that he knew how to sail a boat. In the same way and after his resurrection in 1984, Steve Trevor piloted the Invisible Jet after stealing it together with Diana, which allowed them to travel to Egypt and attempt to prevent Lord's plans.
Steve Trevor with a 1897

Steve Trevor aiming his shotgun

  • Expert Marksman: Steve is a highly skilled marksman, usually taking German soldiers out with a single shot in World War I battles, thus instantly bringing down Antiope's killer. When he and the Wonder Men reclaimed a German village from Ludendorff's soldiers, he accurately shot a bundle of grenades adhered to a wall, thrown by Chief, to explode the wall and clear a pathway for the Wonder Men to enter the German village. Lastly, he shot the supply of mustard gas on the plane to help end the Great War.
  • Skilled Combatant: Steve is fairly skilled in close-quarters combat, notably beating down most of General Ludendorff's spies when he was caught unarmed, and effectively using his gun as a blunt striking weapon when not having sufficient time to take a shot at close-standing enemies. In 1984, he easily contended with Bialyan guards and Max Lord's security.
  • Indomitable Will: Steve Trevor has immense determination and strength of will, due to believing in the importance of taking active initiative when one wanted to make a difference, hence Steve disobeys orders from his British Intelligence superiors when he disagrees with them, in order to do what he knows to be right. Despite seeing the many horrors of World War I, Steve refuses to ever hunker down and give up, something he becomes even more adamant about after meeting and fighting alongside with Wonder Woman, who inspires him to act against seemingly insurmountable odds. As a result, Steve was even able to resist the Lasso of Hestia for several seconds, and he didn't hesitate to selflessly sacrifice his own life in order to thwart Ares' plans and end the war for good. Indeed, just as much as Diana had several days prior inspired him, so did Steve's final moments inspire her, with Diana clinging to their mutual love in order to bypass her ambivalence and violent tendencies, and to defeat Ares for good. Indeed, Superman's own actions, willpower and sacrifice inspired Wonder Woman 100 years later mainly because she saw a lot of Steve Trevor in him.



  • Mauser C96: Steve Trevor, due to being a British spy impersonating a German officer, is seen using Mauser Pistol on battlefields and missions.
  • Colt M1911: Steve drew this pistol when confronting Diana after the latter killed Ludendorff, and used it to shoot the supply of mustard gas in the German plane he stole during his courageous sacrifice.
  • Mauser Gewehr 1898: Steve took this rifle from a German soldier when he was found on Themyscira, using it to kill Antiope's killer.
  • Winchester 1897: Steve's service weapon is a shotgun. He expertly used it during the Battle of Veld and while taking back a German village from Ludendorff's soldiers.


  • Fokker Eindecker: Steve Trevor stole a German fighter plane while escaping from the Ottoman Empire with Doctor Isabel Maru's notebook, fleeing a gas facility to reach Themyscira, crashing on the island's shores.
  • Invisible Jet: To travel to Cairo, Steve Trevor and Diana Prince infiltrated the National Air and Space Museum to steal a plane to travel on, with Trevor choosing an F-111 Aardvark jet to pilot. When security guards attempted to stop the ship from taking off, Diana used a power inherited from Zeus to envelop the jet in the invisibility.






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  • In the DC Comics, originally Steve Trevor was killed by Doctor Cyber. Seeing Wonder Woman's grief, Eros the God of Love, inhabited Steve's lifeless body and operated as Steve Howard, until his spirit was extracted and Steve "died" again. Several years later, Aphrodite the Olympian God, extracted Steve's essence from Ero's memory and reintegrated it in the body of a Steve from another universe effectively resurrecting Steve Trevor. He later marries Diana. In Post-Crisis, Steve Trevor and Diana are only close friends and Steve went on to marry his secretary Etta Candy. In the New 52, Steve Trevor is alive and well in the modern age and is also the head of A.R.G.U.S.
  • Steve Trevor stated his serial number was 8141921.[1]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the theatrical cut for Justice League, Steve Trevor's memory is a constant source of conflict for Diana. Diana mentions him to try to establish a rapport with Cyborg then Bruce Wayne invokes his name to try to convince Diana about the well-intentioned nature of saving Superman, which antagonizes Diana and almost causes her to leave the League. In Zack Snyder's Justice League however, Steve is only mentioned once, during the conversation with Cyborg.
  • Bobby Holland Hanton, Antal Kalik and Martin Ivanov were stunt doubles for Chris Pine in the role of Steve Trevor.
  • Steve Trevor in the DC Extended Universe is the third live-action incarnation of the character, following incarnations portrayed by Kaz Garas and Lyle Waggoner.


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