Steve Lombard is a newspaper reporter at the Daily Planet.


Early Years

Steve Lombard Steve worked as a sports journalist at the Daily Planet newspaper for a number of years under his boss Perry White. He is infamous for using his experience and pulling power there to flirt with the younger female workers there, usually unsuccessfully.

Kryptonian Invasion

When General Zod sent a menacing message to the people of Earth, Steve and his co-workers saw it from the Daily Planet, much to their dismay.

Shortly before the Battle of Metropolis, as General Zod attempted to terraform Earth, Steve was at the Daily Planet, with many of his fellow workers, though Perry promptly had them evacuate the building, as more and more nearby building began collapsing. In the ensuing chaos, Steve and Perry attempted to help Jenny Jurwich, one of their co-workers, and get her out from under the wreckage of a building. The power from Zod's World Engine was right about to crush Steve, Perry, and Jenny, but they were all indirectly saved by Superman just in time, due to him personally destroying the World Engine on the other side of the planet (in the Indian Ocean). Steve, Perry, and Jenny all saw the Black Zero starship of Zod get sucked back into the Phantom Zone, Superman returning to Metropolis and passionately kissing Lois, before heading off to fight General Zod, whom he subsequently defeated and killed after a long and fierce duel.

Aftermath and Meeting Clark Kent

Later on, Steve unsuccessfully asked first Lois Lane, then Jenny to a courtside basketball game. That same day, Clark Kent began his job at the Daily Planet and Perry instructed Steve to look out for him, with the latter never suspecting the the newcomer was in fact the alien hero Superman in disguise.




Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics universe, Steve Lombard was a retired athlete, who worked for both WGBS and the Daily Planet. He also considered Clark one of his few real friends.

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