The Stalnoivolk is a Russian submarine that was attacked and hijacked by Jesse Kane's pirate crew.


The submarine is boarded and hijacked by Jesse Kane's pirate crew, killing the captain and some of the crew members. Aquaman later intervenes and bought the submarine to the surface. Aquaman defeats the hijackers and frees the remaining crew members. David then attacks Aquaman but is defeated. Jesse fires a grenade launcher at Aquaman in an attempt to kill him but instead damages the submarine and pinning himself to a torpedo. Seeing no way out he sacrifices himself and David escapes as the submarine sinks to the ocean.[1]

The submarine is later used in the mock attack against the Atlanteans and the Xebelians, inflicting heavy casualties. Orm then destroys the submarine and manages to convince Nereus to ally with him against the surface world.[1]


Before Capture

After Capture


News Clip

A newspaper refers to the Attack on the Stalnoivolk

  • The submarine's name is seen in the post-credits scene of Aquaman. It can be seen in a news clip.
  • The submarine is named after Stalnoivolk, a minor character in the DC Comics created by John Ostrander and Joe Brozowski, first appearing in Firestorm the Nuclear Man #67. He is an enemy of Firestorm and the Suicide Squad.


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