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Stagg Industries, also known as STAGG, is a multi-million dollar chemical and genetic research and development company.


Chaos of the Wishes[]

Stagg Industries International 2

In 1984 Stagg Industries invested in other companies regularly including Black Gold Cooperative, owned by Max Lord. Eventually Stagg discovered that Black Gold Cooperative was a Ponzi scheme. Once Lord imbued himself with the power of the Dreamstone he used the wishing power to have CEO Simon Stagg arrested.[1]

Military Industry[]

In 2015, Stagg Industries was still active, being known for its chemistry and genetics industries, though it has several military defense contracts, the third largest such developer after LexCorp and Kord Industries, spending $628,000,000 annually.[2]

Subsidiary in Corto Maltese[]

In 2020, Tenorio Transporte y Logística, a subsidiary of Stagg International, operated in Corto Maltese. While Rick Flag, Bloodsport and Peacemaker were escorted by the Corto Maltese Armed Forces, a truck from Tenorio stood in the way of the vehicle transporting the prisoners.[3]




Behind the Scenes[]

  • The canceled movie Batgirl produced trucks with the Stagg Enterprises name.


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